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JEKKO – 2019 bauma media dialog

New additions to the range blink to innovation and green solutions


Jekko s.r.l. – Italian manufacturer of mini cranes and hoisting/handling equipment – will be an exhibitor at the 32nd Bauma expo.

New products and technologies will be on display to showcase the increasingly innovative, green and user-friendly corporate range.

Three years after the last show, Jekko will be again an exhibitor at the Bauma expo with the aim of telling a brand new story where new products and technologies play the leading role. The director is the same: a young company whose target has always been the “active listening to customers” while implementing effective technologies and craftsmanship on a new range of products that increasingly turns innovative, green and user-friendly.

From mini cranes and minipickers to the JF series and the manifold tools, Jekko focuses on its customers and their requirements to design more and more performing, multi-purpose and user-friendly products.

Jekko’s exhibiting area – FS open-air area, stand 903/6 – will cover 512 square metres and will showcase all the new products of the Jekko world: the new JF990, the hybrid version of model SPX1280HYB, the full electric lithium-battery SPX532, just to mention a few; as for minipickers, the MPK06 and the MPK12 are a breakthrough in the sector of indoor building yards; the new and user-friendly interface of Jekko radio remote controls and the innovative J-Connect telemetry system for all the new Jekko mini cranes.

Bauma – which is going to exceed once again the record figures of its previous edition (600,000 visitors) – will be the launching pad for a new merchandising line that will include a little showcase with products for sale, such as a scale reduction of a Jekko machine. A J-Connect area will be set up for dealers and visitors to meet and analyse the concepts of telemetry and user interface.

“Bauma 2019 – stresses Jekko’s MD Diego Tomasella – is the chance for all our dealers to get together after years of shared growth. Over the last few months we have focussed on research and development, innovation and design of simpler and faster products, analysing issues with the eyes of an operator.” This multi-stage approach will lead Jekko to a stronger position on the global market. “The addition of new products to our corporate range – goes on Mr Tomasella – heads to higher sales, a consolidated presence of our company on the European, Scandinavian and North American markets, and an increased turnover by 25%. Figures and conditions are in place to enable us achieve this target: our staff offers better technical assistance, marketing and sales services, and our products have turned us into the market leader in this sector. The outlook is promising and we won’t miss it.”

New products

Jekko is ready to launch a series of breakthrough products in all lines: mini cranes, minipickers, JF Series and tools will turn Jekko into a major market operator

Mini spider cranes

The flagship model will be the SPX532 with a full electric lithium-battery motor. Also available with a diesel engine, the SPX532 is an ideal crane for indoor operation and for all those activities requiring a machine as little as to go through a single door. This mini crane is equipped with geometric control system and easier-friendly software designed in-house that make the operator’s work simpler.

The Jekko radio remote control also has new features: a more user-friendly interface for easy and intuitive management of the countless options as well as automatic and fast functions for simpler operations.

Jekko will also focus on the first hybrid version of a mini crane: the SPX1280HYB. This latter is the evolution of the SPX1275: it features a maximum load capacity increased from 7,500 to 8,000 kg and new hydraulic systems. With a 3-extension hydraulic JIB, the SPX1280 is one of Jekko’s most popular mini cranes.

On Jekko’s stand at the Bauma expo there will also be an SPX312 and an electric lithium-battery SPX424, traditional models of the company.

JF series

Most of the show will be stolen by model JF990, which will be launched on the market as an evolution of the most successful JF545 and JF365. The new JF – developed by Jekko in partnership with Fassi – is a further generation of the previous models in the JF line that pioneers a new hoisting concept of articulated crane: the traditional truck-loader crane becomes a crawler crane. The JF990 is the world’s largest mini crane featuring a loading capacity of as much as 100 ton/m and, despite its dimensions, a weight not exceeding 23 tons. The machine can be equipped with a counterweight that raises the weight to 28 tons and, similarly to model JF545, it can work in both horizontal and vertical position, it can pass or dodge an obstacle, and it can operate in hook or winch more or with a selflevelling platform.

In addition to model JF990, a JF40 will be on display in Jekko’s stand at the Bauma expo while a JF365 will be presented at Fassi’s stand (FN 926/2).

Minipickers & tele-crawler crane

For several years now Jekko has been investing in the sector of battery-powered industrial hoisting and road transport machines in pick&carry mode not exceeding 5 tons. These minipickers are increasingly functional and ensure full supplies on site. Minipickers are also used with Jekko hydraulic manipulators or vacuum lifters for handling and laying of glass panes.

During the Bauma expo Jekko will showcase the new models MPK06 and MPK12 having a 600-kg and 1,200-kg load capacity respectively. Both machines are equipped with 4 wheels instead of 3 and special tyres can be fitted for off-road operation. These pick&carry minipickers are the first having 100% electric actuators and those on display at the Bauma expo will be fitted with manipulators designed for handling and laying of glass panes.

Finally, the SPK60 will also be present at Bauma: a tele-crawler crane with 6 ton of maximum capacity  and 3 tons of pick & carry.


Building on its corporate experience in the glass handling sector and first worldwide in fitting vacuum manipulators to mini cranes, Jekko is going to unveil a new series of vacuum lifters for flat and curved glass panes. These vacuum lifters have a double pump with blow-off function for easier release.

J-connect – telemetry

Jekko has invested on bidirectional connectivity for Internet connection of the mini cranes. Remote monitoring and assistance are available via a dedicated portal. This system is applicable to the JF series and to the traditional mini crane range.


“We’ve set the bar higher for our mini cranes because we aim at opening new ways to go – ends up Diego Tomasella – but Jekko is still Jekko, a company wishing to be always a step ahead of competitors and listening to its customers’ requirement at all times. This is why we’ve been working hard on our products, tools and on bidirectional connectivity. As for our facilities, in 2018 we built new premises where a first robotic station will be installed during 2019 to implement vertical production and improve quality, flexibility and speed.”


Source: JEKKO S.R.L.