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XCMG's Telescopic Boom Forklift Trucks Dispatched in Support of Cuba's Economic Construction

XCMG's 17m telescopic boom forklift trucks have recently been dispatched to South America in batch in support of Cuba's economic construction. According to sources, the Cuban customer conducted an all-round investigation to telescopic boom forklift trucks in the world, and eventually chose XCMG's for their outstanding quality and perfect after-sales service. This batch will mainly be used in Cuba's municipal, infrastructural and housing construction. XCMG made adaptive improvements to the trucks according to the customer's demand and the local environment, and equipped them with implements such as forklift, bucket and high-altitude platform to meet different working conditions. This batch has been dispatched smoothly. As China's first enterprise developing and manufacturing telescopic boom forklift trucks, XCMG enjoys overwhelming technology and product advantage over its peers. Telescopic boom forklift trucks are efficient in municipal construction, road maintenance and housing construction.