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XCMG Wins another Batch Order for Excavators from the US

With reliable performance and strong customer reputation, XCMG won an order for 10 XE360 excavators from the US, thereby adding a bright color to XCMG’s big picture of global market expansion.


Europe and North America represent the high-end markets that put strict standards on the technical performance of excavators. To meet the clients’ needs, the customized improvements were made to the model based on nearly 1,000 feedbacks we received from the EU/US markets. These customized improvements include: installing a high-pressure common rail fuel system for the engine to enable the smart match with the primary pump to effectively increase fuel and working efficiency; adopting the redox and EGR technology in the exhausting system to help reduce nitrogen oxides emission by 80% from 2.0g/kWh to 0.4g/kWh; using a straight-flow air filter in the air-intake system for reduced wind resistance, increased pre-filtration efficiency (+15%) and longer useful life of the filter element; designing the CAN bus communication system for electrical components to simplify electric circuit and lower the vehicle’s electrical system failure; and providing optional components for users to allow operation in multiple working conditions. These improvements further enhance the product function and support the expansion to the EU/US markets.