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APM Terminal Maasvlakte-II Rotterdam in the Netherlands

Cargotec, one of world's largest cargo flow specialist, entered into an agreement with APM Terminals to supply eight Kalmar super quay (ship-to-shore) cranes and two Kalmar barge quay cranes ...


At the work site of Finland's tallest Hotel, goods and men travel with help of Scanclimber construction hoists

After a long planning period in Tampere, the Tower Hotel construction work is now underway in the former customs territory of the Tampere railway station.

Building the HVB-Tower in Munich

The HVB-Tower is one of the most remarkable construction sites in Munich at the moment. What makes it remarkable is not just the height of the administrative building of the Hypo-Vereinsbank, which stands tall at 114 m, but also its architectural design.