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Building the HVB-Tower in Munich

The HVB-Tower is one of the most remarkable construction sites in Munich at the moment. What makes it remarkable is not just the height of the administrative building of the Hypo-Vereinsbank, which stands tall at 114 m, but also its architectural design. According to the plans made, the high-rise building should be completed by the end of 2015 and the lower North building by 2018. SCANCLIMBER transport platforms and hoists are in operation to transport goods and people at the work site for the next few years.

Building Facts & Figures:

  • Height of the building: about 114 m (374 ft)

  • Height of the cranes: about 118 and 125 m (387 and 419 ft)

  • Number of facade elements: Tower: 2,100 = 13,800 m² (149,000 sq ft)

  • South low-rise building: 600 = 4,800m² (52,000 sq ft)

  • North low-rise building: 500 = 4,000 m² (43,000 sq ft)

  • The other facade areas containing small elements will also be renovated.


Hoists at work

For the high-rise part, a twin cage Scanclimber hoist SC2032 was erected with a loading capacity of 2000 kg per cage. The hoists are equipped with automatic hydraulic loading ramps. The ramps are lowered automatically when the hoist reaches the landing level, securing safe and smooth access to and from the hoist. The hoist is used to transport goods and men for the renovation of the tower and the refurbishment of the skyscraper’s facade and roofs through 2015.

Special requirements at HVB-Tower

HVB Tower is mushroom shaped. The tall building stands on a narrower foot which is 21 meters high. The shape of the building placed a special requirement for the mast anchoring of the hoist. From the ground level there were 23 meters of empty space above, before the first available anchoring could be placed. Due to stability of the mast, it was possible to reach freestanding at this height, and have the first anchoring at a height of 23 meters. The total installation height of the hoist is 100 m.

Transport platforms at lower section

Additionally, one of the new Scanclimber SC20 transport platform units, with a platform length of ca. 3,40 m was installed at the site to service the HVB-Tower’s lower section. Transport platforms for the low buildings have a loading capacity of 2 tons, which is same as the tall hoist, but these transport platforms are fast, having a running speed of 24 m/min. The transport platform was installed up to a height of 10 m only. Since the platform has control boxes on all floors, it can called from any floor, thus reducing unnecessary waiting.

Source: SCANCLIMBER Deutschland GmbH