Forklift Type-Diesel Forklift

A forklift with a diesel engine is usually chosen for its fuel efficient design, exceptional lifting capacity, and longevity. The unique engineering with which a diesel motor is constructed creates its primary strength.


Forklift-One Type of Powered Industrial Truck

A powered industrial truck is defined as a mobile, power-driven vehicle used to carry, push, pull, lift, stack or tier material. Forklifts are one type of powered industrial truck used by many wholesaler-distributors.

World Dairy Expo & Summit / China

The world Dairy Expo & Summit / China 15 was held from April 22-24th, 2015 in Harbin, capital city of Heilongjiang Province. WECAN company as a exhibitor takes part in it.

About Purchasing a New Forklift

Purchasing a new forklift instead of a used one allows the buyer to select a product specifically designed for its intended use, avoid potential problems related to a vehicle's previous mechanical history, and obtain a lift truck with the latest technological advances.

Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter Install on Forklift

When you mentioned environment protection forklift, we firtly talked to say the electric forklift. However, electric forklift price cost higher and using life limited,that makes the potential customers flinch,the market share goes down.

2015 WECAN Launches New WT870 Skid Steer Loader

From Spring of 2015, WECAN has batched product the new generation WT870 skid steer loader. Building on the success of the WT980 model, by combining the advantages offered by a truly compact loader with many of the new features and improvements,it comes WT870 new generation models.

Celebrate Shandong WECAN was Rated on " High-tech Enterprise "

An enterprise want to rapid and healthy development and win competition should depend on technological innovation.Technological innovation is the huge power of development and competition. Shandong WECAN has research team and has long term cooperate with famous universities and research institute.


Visiting in Algeria

At the end of year 2014, our colleagues Daniel Li (sales manager in trading department) and Xiaohua Zhang (personnel in after sales department) visited our Algeriasales agent which is also our biggest customer in Africa.