Filters Introduction of the start-up is an innovative platform that caters to all professionals in the construction industry, such as architects, engineers, contractors, and service providers, who are looking for a suitable marketing tool. Here, you can present yourself as part of a specialized team and build trust with potential clients.

The platform offers you the opportunity to showcase your portfolio and attract customers who align with your vision of construction. Demonstrate your creativity and position yourself as a "dream fulfiller." Highlight the challenges you can overcome and be found as a "problem solver." Instead of simply selling a brick as a brick, you can portray it here as a realized dream home. Think creatively and present yourself as you have always wanted to be perceived.

If maintaining good and lasting relationships is important to you, allows you to easily keep your clients and business partners informed. Utilize the platform to upload references and use the news features to thank your project partners by inviting them to showcase themselves alongside you and the shared references. offers a simple and user-friendly design, enabling you to maximize its full potential with minimal time investment. The search function on the portal is always free!

By the way, and a carpenter's plane have something in common: tools only yield results when you use them. For beginners, we offer our free BASIC profile, and for those who want more, we have our BUSINESS profile.

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