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ABM Greiffenberger at SPS 2019 Fair

Ready for Dispatch: Efficient Drives for Various Industries


At the SPS 2019 in Nuremberg ABM (November 26 – 28) Greiffenberger will present a section of their comprehensive program of efficient drive technologies for various industries. New in hall 3 at booth 520 is a liquid-cooled motor. This motor excels with high power density at minimal space requirement, energy efficiency and long operating time.

Users can reliably operate this motor over a long period of time with high output devoid of overheating. ABM Greiffenberger offers these motors in IEC frame sizes 80 to 160. Outputs up to 100 kW are feasible and if required they can be easily controlled with ABM inverters. Additionally it is possible to set a constant operating temperature resulting in uniform elongation. This means the motor can be fitted in µ-accuracy in its application – an advantage that considers the ever increasing demand for smaller space requirements.

Depending on the application or customer wishes cooling can be accomplished by water, oil or refrigerant. Radial cooling results in an extremely efficient motor but axial cooling is simpler in design. Liquid cooled motors can be combined with ABM straight shaft, parallel shaft and right angle shaft helical gearboxes. The user can pick flexibly from the complete ABM drive portfolio. The motor lends itself for industrial applications such as textile machinery but also for mobile uses such as construction machinery. In addition they impress in powerful electro vehicles and water crafts.

ABM Greiffenberger present itself as a systems supplier that can deliver complete drive solutions from a single source. The company takes over full systems responsibility from specification to manufacturing. In addition the specialists from the Upper Franconian town of Marktredwitz deal with the systems integration so the customers receives solutions with additional benefits. An important consideration in the strategic direction is given to sustainability. ABM Greiffenberger emphasis the protection of resources, high energy efficiency and minimal emissions during operation.

Straight shaft, parallel shaft and right angle shaft helical gearboxes combined with ABM motors can also be supplied industry and application specific with inverters. They are equipped optimally with different bus systems and guarantee network interconnectedness. This prepares the ABM Greiffenberger drives system for the Industry 4.0 requirements.

Source: ABM Greiffenberger Antriebstechnik GmbH; a1kommunikation Schweizer GmbH