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AGRI-LONGER GII Mechanical safety: “More powerful with all the same outstanding features”

The AGRI-LONGER GII range of hedge and grass cutters with mechanical safety system will replace all models in the range as of 1 September 2019. Recognized since 2003 for their outstanding features and their versatile kinematics, the AGRI-LONGER range needed more power to meet the changing power requirements of the tractors used.


The AGRI-LONGER GII range with mechanical safety system is composed of two models with a vertical reach of 4.20 m for the 4245 M model and 4.70 m for the 4745 M version.

Intended for individual farmers or small municipalities, the AGRI-LONGER GII range boasts all-purpose kinematics, outstanding features, an arm structure worthy of a professional machine and an excellent productivity rate.

"All purpose" kinematics:

The AGRI-LONGER GII Mechanical Safety models can handle any type of worksite thanks to their kinematics. The AGRI-LONGER GII combines user-friendly operation and versatility, with 220° head rotation for hedge tops and ditches, the cylinder of the outer boom positioned above the arm, the ability to work behind the tractor wheel on narrow paths and a compact chassis for a totally safe transport position.

Outstanding features:

In its category, the AGRI-LONGER GII with Mechanical Safety stands out above the rest. The models are equipped with an air-cooled radiator as standard to ensure high performance hydraulics during long days of brush cutting. They also boast a great many convenient features, including the bumper with built-in lighting, fully enclosed hydraulic components, fully protected hydraulic hoses on the arm, lift float, floating head, two-way rotor rotation and pendulum link safety system.

The same arm structure as on professional machines:

Like KUHN professional machines, the arm of the AGRI-LONGER GII models is composed of a welded structure. The boxed assembly of the outer boom adjusts the structure to the areas of the arm experiencing the greatest strain. The arm structure made from ultra-high strength steel is the best guarantee for long service life.

The most efficient in its category:

The AGRI-LONGER GII works efficiently in areas with heavy vegetation thanks to its powerful 40 hp 1.00 m rotor.

Users can choose from two types of controls, either remote cable controls (T models) or electrically operated joystick (E models).

The head is fitted with a reversible rotor to optimise lug wear and increase the service life. The large-diameter (133 mm) sensor roller rolls smoothly when mowing verges. The direct transmission of the head is protected by a fairing.

The AGRI-LONGER GII range can also be equipped with a cutter bar or a 3-blade hedge trimmer to handle all types of worksites.