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VISTAFLOW tramlining valve for pneumatic seed drills

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KUHN - VISTAFLOW (Animation )

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The new VISTAFLOW tramlining valve created by KUHN provides features that no other valve on the market can offer. One of those features is alternate row shut-off directly from the tractor cab via the ISOBUS terminal.

Tramlining with VISTAFLOW


The VISTAFLOW tramlining system enables the seeding lines to be shutdown automatically in order to create non-seeded spaces so that the driver knows exactly where the treatment/spreading lane is. It is particularly useful for contractors and farmers that share their seed drills or work with machinery cooperatives because the tramlining system changes (different sprayer and spreaders).

VISTAFLOW is a smart tramlining valve that monitors seed passage in the tubes. By equipping a VENTA or ESPRO seed drill’s distribution head with a VISTAFLOW system, all tramlining rhythms become possible and seed passage in each row is monitored. With the user interface it is possible to save five different configurations that can be used again at a later date. The following configurations can be saved: working width, tyre width and track width for sprayers or self-propelled machines and fertiliser spreaders.

Many user benefits with the VISTAFLOW system

Users with different tramlining configurations required for the same seed drill no longer have to move valves or tubes on the seeding units or add or remove tramlining valves. With the VISTAFLOW tramlining valve, tramlining is even possible when the working widths of the seed drill and the treatment (sprayer and spreader) are incompatible.

Many functions are controlled from the cab:

  • Universal tramlining (compatibility),

  • half-width shut-off (left or right),

  • alternate-row shut-off,

  • Smart monitoring and detection of tube blockage,

  • Fast access to favourite tramlining configurations,

  • Fast and intuitive access to the automatic functions on the KUHN ISOBUS terminal.

Source: Kuhn