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VISIOSPACE CAB on self-propelled mixers

Self-propelled mixers are becoming an increasingly popular investment when it comes to livestock feeding solutions. This solution offers the advantage of being able to load, cut, mix and feed, all with the same machine. As a result, user expectations in terms of comfort, ergonomics and visibility for this type of machine are increasing.


KUHN has been installing the new generation VISIOSPACE cabs on all self-propelled SPV and SPW single and twin vertical auger mixers.

The VISIOSPACE cab satisfies several expectations:

VISIBILITY: Self-propelled mixer wagons are traditionally used inside livestock buildings, where drivers have to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

The VISIOSPACE cab offers the largest window surface area and best field of vision on the market. It is 20% higher than the first generation. From right to left, the driver has a 360° panoramic view. 

PERFORMANCE: The new VISIOSPACE cab has absolutely no visual obstacles at the foot of the cab, allowing the driver to optimize all the power of the milling head at the bottom of the silage clamp or when loading fibre bales. Downtime is reduced since the driver can easily assess the distances and see clumps of fodder that may jam the machine.

COMFORT: Feeding is performed at the very beginning or end of the day, which can be an additional hardship. The ventilation and heating capacities have been increased by 50% and 30% respectively compared to the first generation. The interior of the new VISIOSPACE cab has the same generous dimensions of the first generation, known for its spaciousness, with improved accessibility. To meet the expectations of all types of users, the VISIOSPACE cab is available in 3 finishes: VISIOSPACE Standard, VISIOSPACE Edition and VISIOSPACE Attractive.

Source: Kuhn