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ANMOPYC Annual Summary

ANMOPYC Annual Summary
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ANMOPYC Annual Summary


The ANMOPYC cluster takes stock of the year 2023 with the purpose of analyzing and evaluating our activity during the ending year and with the spirit of constant improvement that drives us.


Our Mission: Contribute to improving the technological level, innovative capacity, international projection and visibility, and competitiveness of our partners through the development of activities and services in the fields of internationalization, industrial safety, and technological innovation.

Our Vision: Be a reference for knowledge and a dialogue forum within the construction industry, connecting machinery manufacturing sector with technological centers and universities to bring them closer to the trends that will shape their future.

The ANMOPYC Cluster works to be the support and driving force behind the green and digital transformation of its partners, contributing to addressing challenges through innovation, technological development, and generating a positive impact in our environment.

Regarding FOREIGN PROMOTION AND INTERNATIONALIZATION, ANMOPYC organizes activities of various kinds with the aim of showcasing the Spanish construction and mining machinery offering, identifying business opportunities abroad, conducting surveillance and analysis of target markets, providing personalized advice on markets and sectors, and working to project an image of excellence for our productive sector.

International Trade Fairs: ANMOPYC participates in the main events of the sector, either with informational stands or by coordinating and supporting the attendance of companies. In 2023, we participated in ten international trade fairs, employing both options mentioned. Around twenty companies took advantage of the Spanish Pavilions organized by ANMOPYC.

One of the most significant activities of the year was the organization of the Buyer's Mission to the SMOPYC 2023 Fair held in Zaragoza in November. Over two days, more than 250 meetings took place between 35 Spanish companies and the 8 members of the foreign delegation, which ANMOPYC expressly prepared for each participant and who subsequently visited the fair.

We also organized four Commercial Missions to various emerging markets in Africa, Asia, and the Caucasus region. Fourteen companies participated, for whom work agendas were organized with the main distributors, renters, construction companies, and representatives of the leading companies in each market.

Our collaboration with ICEX is essential, as through ANMOPYC, it supports companies in their efforts to expand into new markets.

Within the REGULATORY AREA, this year's activity has been largely dominated by the publication of the new Regulation (EU) 2023/1230, a key piece of legislation applicable to the manufacturing industry of machinery for construction and mining. Technical articles have been published, participation in multiple events has taken place, and a series of workshops have been conducted to address the main novelties introduced in the new Regulation concerning the Machinery Directive.

Additionally, this year, with the aim of promoting a preventive culture in the sector, we have launched the National Forum on Safety in Work Equipment and Collective Protection Means in Construction, in collaboration with the Construction Labor Foundation. In the first edition, held within the framework of SMOPYC 2023, we presented the latest regulatory updates, innovations, and technological advances in the field of safety and health.

In the INNOVATION area, this year we have presented the Strategic Plan 2023-2026 to the Ministry of Industry for the machinery and equipment manufacturing sector for extractive and construction industries. We have renewed our registration in the National Register of Innovative Business Associations. Within this roadmap, we are coordinating R&D&I projects this year related to circular economy, cybersecurity, digital identity, and hydrogen within national and European public funding programs.

Furthermore, this year, in the VI edition of our "construyes!" congress on technological innovation in construction and machinery, we continue to address the energy transition that the sector is undergoing. In this edition, we focused the discussion on how emerging technologies such as electrification and hydrogen are being adopted and what technical, economic, and regulatory barriers need to be overcome to achieve effective decarbonization in construction projects.

ANMOPYC is immersed in the sector's transformation process, adapting to the challenges that the future presents and being the best growth tool for companies.


Source: Anmopyc