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ARBOS Group continues its run at Agritechnica 2017

Excellence, products innovation, research and development targeting a quality without compromise: these are ARBOS Group’s cornerstones at Agritechnica 2017, the event par excellence for agricultural automation, held at the top-rated Hannover trade fair center from 12 to 18 November.

The result that validates the words


ARBOS wants to look at the substance, wants to put words into effect.

This means that the well-known and consolidated goals already reached in the Group’s pretty short life affiliate with the recent launch of the new Engineering Center ARBOS (conceived inside the renewed plant of Migliarina di Carpi, current headquarter of the Group), whose 3100 square meters of surface are entirely dedicated to Research and Development, lifelong cornerstone of the Company.

That same R&D materialized in a Full Line products offer during Agritechnica 2017, which closed with the launch of the renewed range of vineyard and orchard specialized machineries, as result of the entry of the Goldoni brand into the Group’s Global project.

2017: Everything as planned

The success of Full Line, started with Eima 2016, arrives at Agritechnica 2017 where, far beyond the basic combination between the tractor and the working tool, it enriches itself with the innovative concept of communication between tractor and implement, and with new models to complete the offer: previewed in Hannover, new machineries for direct sawing, for crop treatment with the advanced concept of the trailed sprayer and for soil working with the new range of subsoilers.

All the above is further enhanced by the prototype that discloses the new planters look, and by the development of seeds distributors that will reach top-rated speed and precision.

2017 was also the year of remarkable sales targets (6.969 machineries: 3.400 tractors, 2.247 rototillers, 1.062 planters and 260 other implements); turnover grew as well (81 million Euros), market penetration increased (the Group sells in 64 countries), and so did development in the distribution network, to whom the Group proposes, beyond the complete products range offer, Marketing, Finance and Parts services.

Big Player within 2025

A result that opens the doors to more ambitious projects.

Targeting a 200 million Euros turnover by 2020, ARBOS Group aims at becoming one of the world’s top player within the next 10 years, both for the tractor and for the implement sectors.

The Group’s strategy considers, starting from the entrance on the market with the products Full Line in 2017, to reach a medium market share by 2019.

Aces in the hole, beside the consolidation of the current offer and the growth of the distribution network (speaking of which, in 2018, ARBOS will open new branches in Germany, Iran and Poland), are the Range implementation deriving from the introduction of tractors lines P 6000 and P 7000, a completely renewed offer of specialized machineries, a ground-breaking line for crop defense and a 4.0 approach oriented towards Lean Production and IoT.

Next step leads us to 2025, when the Group will be ready to cover a broad segment of the business thanks to the completion of the tractor Range, from specialized to open field, and of the Crop Care Range, plus to the entrance in the harvesting sector with the introduction of ARBOS combine harvester, which is currently being tested in different areas of the world. 

Source: LOVOL ARBOS GROUP S.p.A. a s.u.