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Lovol Arbos starts trade operations in the iberian area

Lovol Arbos Group S.p.A., an Italian company based in Calderara di Reno, in the area of Bologna, is the headquarter of the European industrial activity of the Chinese colossus Lovol Heavy Industry Ltd, focused on tractors' design and production as well as open field seeders of the ARBOS brand.
In 2015 the builder set up an important and ambitious project, globalizing operations with the purchase of Matermacc S.p.A., an Italian company producing direct seed planters, and Goldoni S.p.A., an expert in conventional and isodiametric fruit and vineyard tractors.
In line with the objectives of the Group, which added Spain and Portugal among its markets, Lovol Arbos meant to start operations in the Iberian peninsula with direct presence both in distribution and post sale service for all the Group brands.
The development plan of commercial activity is based on a product range of open field tractors and specialized isodiametric tractors for fruit and vineyard that will be significantly improved in the next few monthswith new models and new specifications; and, on the other hand, with tools for planting and land tilling.
LOVOL ARBOS Spanish branch will also manage all business and trade relationships throughout Latin America directly.
Mr. Javier Seisdedos was elected to be the responsible person for developing LOVOL ARBOS’s business operations in the Iberian and Latin American markets.
His long experience in the field, gained in previous stages, and his deep knowledge of the Iberian market make Mr. Javier Seisdedos the perfect person for this position.


Javier Seisdedos

"It is my honor to be part of a Group as Lovol Arbos, a meeting point of great professionals, united by an attractive project. The great human talent, the passion in developing a new product, together with the financial support of the Company, makes this a challenge with very good prospects, not only for Lovol Arbos, but for all those who will take part in it.”

Andrea Bedosti – Senior Vice President of LOVOL Heavy Industry Ltd.

“The launch of LOVOL ARBOS operations in the Iberian peninsula is one of the first steps of the development project of sales and service group network of the Group. Spain and Portugal are key markets for the relaunch of brands like GOLDONI and MATERMACC, hence the desire to have a direct presence in the area as well as the coordinating role of the South American market.
We are proud to welcome Javier Seisdedos who, thanks to his competence, experience and reliability is the perfect match to attain success in this important growth project.”

Massimo Zubelli - Sales & Marketing Vice President of LOVOL ARBOS Group S.p.A.

“We have an ambitious project of growth before us, and in this first steps will create the basis and the fair experience to plan further expansion in Spain and Portugal, where we aim to grow in sales and reach 7.5% in the segment of specialized tractors with Goldoni. We are also investing heavily in developing new products for MATERMACC, to target a minimum turnover of 2 million Euro, to consolidate its presence in the Iberian peninsula, an area that is strongly controlled by national manufacturers. 
Operations in Spain will be of the maximum importance also because Spain will manage South American big sales volume, which will indeed have a direct local management, yet reporting to the Spanish business operations manager.”

Source: ARBOS GROUP S.p.A.