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EIMA 2018: spotlights on the ARBOS GROUP Full Line

There are many innovations regarding the open field, implements and specialized ranges. In addition to that, 3 technical mentions have been awarded to the ARBOS GROUP in the 2018 edition of the Bologna exhibition. EIMA closes a year of great successes and reveals the Group’s 2019 ambitions.


EIMA International 2018 opens its doors – from November 7th to 11th - at Bologna Fiere, and the time has come for ARBOS Group to take the stock and take on new challenges; the international exhibition will be the showcase for the 2019 news and milestones, reviewing a year of achievements and successes. A positive year, in which the central idea has been the Full Line concept. Full Line was the leading theme at Fieragricola in Verona and at FIMA in Zaragoza, where ARBOS displayed and presented the 5000 Series as open field tractors, and a full range of specialized tractors originated from the historic know-how of the company based in Migliarina. In addition to that, ARBOS displayed a complete range of seeding and cereal machinery. The spotlight then moved to the field with Enovitis – where the whole range of specialized tractors was put to the test – and to ‘Green Campus’, the event held at the ARBOS Implement Factory in San Vito al Tagliamento, that cast light on both the open field and implements ranges. The event deserves mention, as it has been a real agronomic training with field tests, dedicated to the ARBOS dealer network, to end customers and to the specialized press. 2018 has also been a year of in-house investments, to confirm and continue the innovation process: from the 4.0 factory in San Vito al Tagliamento, to Carpi where the Group invested on products and processes, that allowed the production flow of the new 5000 range and the manufacturing streamlining of the entire specialized and isodiametric lines.

And now... here are the news that will be displayed on the B2 stand, Hall 19 at EIMA.

Open Field tractors

At EIMA 2018, ARBOS Group is presenting two new open field series –2000 and 3000 – and is introducing the latest steps in the development of 7000 Series, soon in production. Series 2000 and 3000 are the result of the global experience gathered with the renowned and awarded Series 5000, from which they inherit specific features developed for the European markets, in line with the most binding regulations in terms of safety and emissions. The new series enriches the ARBOS range by filling the 20 to 50 horsepower ‘compact utility’ segment, adding also an important element of success, namely versatility, while preserving the peculiarities of the open field range: dynamism, stability and efficiency. More in detail, 2000 Series consists of 2 models, 2025 and 2035, of 25 and 35 HP respectively, while 3000 Series, with model 3055, is in the running to become the best seller in the segment. Depending on the Series, different transmissions are available – 8+8 or 12+12 – allowing the choice between 4 gears and 2 ranges or 4 gears and 3 ranges. The 2025 and 2035 models are homologated for up to 30 Kph, and the 3055 up to 40 Kph. The 7000 Series, which is the Group’s flagship, has been enriched by a number of details that will turn it into the Top of the range, yet preserving the ARBOS ‘family feeling’ that has already been awarded on Series 5000, sharpening its distinctive features. In particular, what stands out is the beating heart of 7220, 7240 and 7260 models (up to maximum 280 HP with boost), which power is discharged to the ground thanks to the 4 stage Powershift transmission with 5 gears and 3 ranges: this is the high performing FPT Industrial N67 engine, compliant with Stage V emissions regulations. Specifically, the 6 cylinders/6.7 liters displacement engine supplies a maximum power of 206 kW at 1900/rpm, and a maximum torque of 1100 Nm at 1400/rpm. The most important feature of N67 engine is the ‘HI-eSCR2’ after-treatment system by FPT Industrial, developed to meet the Stage V emissions standards. Besides complying with the new regulations, this technology ensures high performance, power and torque, as well as reliability and lower operating costs. The high-performing hydraulic system with Load Sensing pump, 5 electronic remotes and electronic power lift (10.000 kg lifting capacity) grants extreme versatility when using heavy duty implements. The driver’s comfort is ensured by the Hi-Vision Maxy cab, an evolution of the 5000 Series cab, which offers the best 360° visibility and a remarkably comfortable driving experience, thanks to the pneumatic suspension seat and to the multifunctional armrest which includes all the controls.

Specialized and Equal-size wheel tractors

Concerning the specialized segment, EIMA will display the 60 to 110 HP range, completely renewed in compliance with the most binding emissions (Tier IIIB) and safety regulations (TMR, Tractor Mother Regulation). In particular, the new 4000 Series, available in F, All Field and Q versions (depending on the dimensions), will stand out for its versatility, confirming itself as the ideal choice for every need and crop type. The 4080F model – the most compact 4-cylinders in the market – has a 1831 mm wheelbase and just 1200 mm height, becoming the perfect candidate for working inside narrow orchards or ‘tendone’ vineyards. The 4110 Q model is the leader of the segment, with all the advantages of a machine designed to operate in rows: compactness, maneuverability, low barycenter. The Q Series can operate in every condition, ensuring performances and maneuverability. Low profile cab, electronic power lift and full specs hydraulics, featuring rear and front electro-hydraulic valves, allow versatility also in mixed applications. Next to the specialized, the ARBOS equal-size wheel range will be fully displayed at EIMA: from 20 to 100 HP, the range is available with 2, 3 and 4-cylinders engines, in articulated or steering wheels versions.

In particular, during the Bologna exhibition, the spotlight will be on the new 3060E model – with synchronized 16+16 transmission and steering wheels – and on the new 4000E range, with the 4090E steering wheels and 4100E articulated with central joint.


There are many news regarding the implements, starting from the new MSD 2.0 Combi 6m – natural evolution of the MSD Combi 3m version – that finds the perfect match with the 7000 series. The new seed-drill machine encloses all the qualitative and constructive advantages of the range, and even more: the 4 pneumatic metering units and the electric transmission with prestart system ensure a homogeneous planting all over the field width, optimizing both the yield and the working speed. Combined working makes this machine appropriate for both conventional and minimum tillage – only a few and simple adjustments are needed. The hydraulically foldable frame and the new expandable front tank – allowing a simultaneous seed and fertilizer distribution thanks to the pneumatic system powering the 4 rear pneumatic metering units – facilitates the implement transport. There are also updates concerning precision planting with the ARBOS MS8230 ELEKTRO. Its precision and speed, typical of the well appreciated MS8000 series, have evolved into the ELEKTRO version. In particular, the new MS8230 model with electric transmission, allows a variable and specific sowing for different crops or soils. Electric engines interact with soil fertility maps, preloaded into the system, and allow an ideal product dosage. Last but not least, the MAGICSEM project: the ARBOS Group is firmly convinced that the electric transmission is only the first step to the evolution that will turn the planter into the operating tool of the tractor. Following this path, the Group will disclose its development plan at EIMA 2018: the evolution of the MAGICSEM distributor, which will gradually adapt to the growing demands in terms of precision, speed and connection. Specifically, MAGICSEM PLUS is the first step of this evolution and will adopt an innovative patented system for planting, in addition to a new distribution crown inside the system for higher speed. On the other hand, the MAGICSEM 3D – already awarded at FIMA 2018 as technical innovation – is the system that reaches perfect planting precision, close to 18 Kph. It is the final evolution of a 3 year long project, that will complete ARBOS’ product range and that will bring the Group to compete with the top players in the field, also thanks to the introduction of the ‘heavy duty’ versions, trailed and mounted.

Not just open field: EIMA will be the showcase for the Orchard and Vineyards Full Line expansion, with a range of implements that aims at rapidly completing the product portfolio, according to the agronomic cycle.

Technical mentions

The Group is very proud of the 3 technical mentions received at EIMA 2018, bringing in double figures the innovation and quality certifications obtained over the last 3 years: a visible sign of constant growth, and also a result of the notable investments in R&D. The first mention was for the 'Self-diagnosis of sowing distributor wear’, namely a real time system to reveal the state of the fluidic seal inside the suction chamber of each distributing device of a sowing machine. Said system provides more accurate measuring than the widely used analogic manometers. The sensor also gives the chance to measure vacuum on each distributor, so that any possible loss of pressure can be immediately detected and corrected, to reestablish optimal working conditions. The second mention was awarded to RACS, Rear Automatic Control Speed, an accurate, simple and automatic measurement of the actual speed of advance of an idler wheel, mostly on soft ground. The RACS system is more reliable, accurate and cost-effective than the GPS, GLONASS or Radar systems, largely used nowadays, and can be installed on a wide range of operating machines. Last but not least, ARBOS BLASTER, a trailed sprayer, with steering axle, with a 4000 liters main tank and an aluminum 36 meters boom. This machine combines different technological solutions that optimize the stability during the use in field, increasing safety for the machine and the operator, the effectiveness of the treatments and reducing the product loss for drift at the same time.


Not only products, but services as well. At EIMA, the ARBOS staff will show the attending professionals all the services aimed at a comprehensive customer support: Service, Parts, Finance.

These are the services ARBOS proposes worldwide:

  • ARBOS Service, a prompt and widespread technical assistance, combined with a 5 years warranty on the 5000 range;

  • ARBOS Parts, a complete offer for original spare parts for all ARBOS, Goldoni and MaterMacc tractors and implements, in a special promotion during the exhibition and on Amazon.

  • ARBOS Finance, to allocate financial services aimed at helping customers with a 0% interest rate on all products, up to 48 or 60 months.

Source: ARBOS GROUP S.p.A.