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B-Lift 510 High Range: the European Tour

B-Lift 510 High Range: the European Tour


The B-Lift 510 HR “On & Up Tour”: a journey among the most important European exhibitions and some demonstrations by CTE European dealers

It's time to travel even for the B-Lift 510 High Range, and what could be better than a European tour for appearing in all its greatness and to show its strong technological innovation? During last summer months, the sales and marketing team of CTE has organised a tour - Road Show of  about 2 months duration to reach the most important countries, and visiting the CTE dealers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and France for a total of more than 3000 km. This tour is the European version of the Italian Road Show held by CTE during the month of May in northern Italy that  has received very positive feedback between the Italian rental companies.


Characterized by a strong minimalist design combined with the latest generation technology, has become a flag for CTE for driving license  C. It reaches a height of 50.5 m working on three-axle vehicle from 26tons. HR is for High Range, the largest engineering project launched a few years ago by the CTE Technical Dept. based in Bertinoro with the aim of creating a range to satisfy the needs of three different markets with different specificities like the European industrial market,  the American market and the fire-prevention market.


The B-Lift HR 510 has the great advantage of including in the standard configuration the working area according to the position of the outrigger with an outreach of over 34 m, with a maximum capacity of 450 kg basket. Performance of all relief that is combined with the compactness of the vehicle, about 10 m in length.

The B-Lift 510 HR has a telescopic boom with four elements (boom + three extensions), with simultaneous telescopic output and without external encumbrance. In addition, there’s a main jib extra-long with double extension combined to a secondary jib at 180 degrees (enhanced by the control system and automatic self-motion). The hydraulic and electrical power supplies are housed in a cable carrier inside  the boom and the jib.
The electro-hydraulic controls are proportional to the basket and ground simultaneous maneuvers. The starting and stopping the vehicle engine is from command posts in the basket and ground.
The dynamics of the platform include a rotating turret 570 ° on ball bearing motor with brake and negative. The drum rotation is accomplished with hydraulic actuator to 180 ° (90 ° right + 90 ° left).

Source: Marketing Dept. CTE Spa