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BOMAG, MARINI, BREINING and DYNAPAC, as member of the FAYAT Group, exhibit at the Bauma China 2018

About FAYAT Road Equipment


At Bauma China 2018 in Shanghai, the FAYAT Road Equipment division of the FAYAT group is presenting its new innovative and sustainable solutions, meeting the needs of the entire road life cycle, and creating unique value for our clients in China, Asia Pacific and around the world.

With our multiple brands, we want to be “your experts in road equipment solutions”.

BOMAG, MARINI, BREINING and DYNAPAC are introducing a full range of products and services, over the entire road life cycle, from its construction, through maintenance and right up to rehabilitation.

In addition of products and services, we also want to focus on our digital innovations with our digital pavilions on our booths, to offer our clients even better assistance:

  • MARINI 360° virtual immersion of the Top Tower asphalt plant

  • BREINING and SECMAIR augmented reality

  • BOMAG digital experiences of smart construction 4.0 with Asphalt Manager, TanGO, Variocontrol, Economizer, Magmalife

  • DYNAPAC ground-breaking features like Dyn@Lyzer, Dyn@Link, TruckAssist, SetAssist and MatManager – features that aim to provide complete customer solutions

About Bauma China 2018

Without a doubt, China and Asia Pacific are clear strategic markets for FAYAT and over the short and medium terms they are clearly good reasons for optimism for growth. China has launched a very ambitious One-Belt-One-Road (OBOR) initiative to link China with many other countries. This will drive demand for good quality roads and highways, and ports and cities along the OBOR route. We are proud to be able to showcase an array of our state of the art technology that is of relevance to the Chinese and Asia Pacific markets.

Customer values are always the core driving force of BOMAG development. In the field of product technology, BOMAG has managed to produce successive generation of high quality and high efficient products and technologies for end-users in the past decades. In addition to BOMAG Variocontrol and Asphalt Manager 2 intelligent compaction systems, those Economizer, TanGO, Magmalife are well-known to the world as well. Thanks to 360° technology, compacting becomes more flexible and its possible application are practically endless. In milling and paving segment, Bomag will show three types of machine (BF300P/BF800C/BF900C) covering paving width from 4m up to 11m which are used in city roads maintenance and in highway new construction or overhauls. The milling machines (BM500-15/BM1300-35T3/BM2000-60) shown during the exhibition will cover from 0.5m up to 2m. All those BOMAG milling and paving products are critical for China market, especially BM1300-35/T3, which makes her debut on Bauma China’s stage and will attract visitors’ eyes beyond doubt.

DYNAPAC will not only display its products, but also ground-breaking features that aim to provide complete customer solutions. Documentation system Dyn@Lyzer records and maps stiffness and stiffness progress of the compacted layer in real-time as well as temperature and number of passes. A GNSS receiver is used for positioning. With Dyn@Link, you can track your machines conveniently from the office, always knowing where they are and if they are running. The user can access machine information anytime, anywhere. DYNAPAC’s TruckAssist system is designed to help trucks safely and correctly dock with the paver by simplifying communication between the paver and truck driver while the SetAssist is specifically designed to reduce setting and transport times on the jobsite. The paving quality system MatManager keeps track of material consumption with real-time measurements to ensure that you are on target and eliminate material overruns. DYNAPAC also proudly announces that the launch of their range of light compaction equipment is well underway, including rammers, forward and reversible plates, walk-behind and utility rollers.

MARINI will present its recently developed Full Recycling Technology (FRT), an integrated mixing plant solution with recycling rate up to 70%. Its advanced design reduces recycled-asphalt sticking problems, ensures low-energy consumption, efficient and reliable performance. The environmentally friendly concept of FRT not only meets customers’ needs but also helps to maximize their economic benefits.

Last but not least, BREINING will showcase latest road maintenance equipment information via digital corner which should be a fantastic experience for all visitors.

China market will not, by any stretch of the imagination, be underestimated by the world. Whatever happens, FAYAT will, for years to come, create miracles on the land of wonders. We are looking forward to your visiting at Booth E2 110/510/130 to witness it!


Hall E2, booth # E2 110/510/130 with 2,290 m² floor area

Source: FAYAT Group