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The FAYAT Group is showing innovations covering autonomous machines, alternative drives and digitalization at bauma

Under the motto of “Think Further”, companies of the FAYAT Group are showcasing equipment and technology for the future of road construction, maintenance and rehabilitation. Covering everything from alternative drives and other technologies for reducing energy consumption, to autonomous machines and digital integration, the FAYAT Group shows how close they are to making these ideas reality.


2018 was a very successful year for the FAYAT Group. Strong revenue growth and the successful integration of Dynapac lead to record sales of 4,4 billion €. This also reflected on the number of employees working for the group, which are now at more than 21.000 people. The group is using its strong position to address some of the key challenges in the market.

Mr. Unger, president of the FAYAT Road Equipment division: “We see 3 main trends driving the industry: Autonomous machines, lowering emissions, for example through alternative drive systems and digitalization. Specifically on planning and documentation of jobsites, but also in operator assistance systems to improve both the quality of work and also the safety of the jobsite. The FAYAT Group is presenting solutions for all of these.”

Interest on autonomous machine concepts is growing from both customers and manufacturers. This is still at an early stage in the industry, more and more interest exists from both customers and manufacturers on autonomous machine concepts. Here at bauma BOMAG is showing the ROBOMAG BW154 for the 1st time. This is a fully autonomous tandem roller for asphalt compaction. Based on geo-fencing and GPS data, it can autonomously compact a pre-planned area. It includes BOMAG’s Asphalt Manager technology for achieving optimal compaction results and documenting these. It also contains sensors for obstacle detection to improve safety. SECMAIR is presenting its SMART ROAD PATCH solution which detects roads damaging and automatically starts the patching system.

For emission reduction BOMAG is also presenting machines with hybrid, gas and electric drives, presenting a full range of currently available engine and drive technology.

MARINI and MARINI-ERMONT, manufacturers of batch and continuous asphalt mixing plants, are focusing on improving mobility an sustainability of asphalt plants. MARINI is showcasing its new XPRESS 2000: a complete plant in just two trailers. Cost saving in transport and quick erection are possible thanks to the plug & play system. MARINI-ERMONT is introducing EXPLORER, a new patented hyper-transferable asphalt plant concept unique in the world, based on containers with onboard intelligence, designed to meet the mobility needs of its customers by ensuring competitiveness and reactivity. Both companies are also showing mixing plants that allow usage of up to 100% RAP (Recycled Asphalt Product): the Master Tower from Marini and the TRX100 from MARINI-ERMONT.

BOMAG is also presenting innovative technology to reduce emissions not just from the engine but from the work processes as well. During milling of asphalt for road repairs, the milling process releases up to 100 times the fine dust that the engine of the machine does. BOMAG has developed the IonDustShield technology, which is nominated for the bauma Innovation Award. Here ionization of the dust makes it clump together and form into coarse dust. This allows reduction of the fine dust emissions of the milling process by over 80%, creating benefits not just for operators but for the environment in general.

For the key trends digitalization and operator assistance, DYNAPAC is launching SEISMIC, an innovation that lets the rollers determine the optimum frequency for any compacted material and automatically adjusting the power. This reduces energy consumption by up to 30 %. BOMAG and DYNAPAC have also announced a partnership with Volz Consulting on a planning and documentation system for asphalt construction jobsites. It consists of several modules that allow digital planning of jobsites for better efficiency as well as real-time tracking of vehicles and material flow to ensure optimal results. And finally BOMAG is also launching it’s new BOMAP application at bauma. This is a mapping App that combines GPS data with machine data to document achieved compaction values for a surface. Previously such data was available with the BOMAG BCM Net System, but going forward this will be an App solution that will not require any specialized hardware.

The impressive range of new machines and technology presented by the FAYAT Group makes it a leading contact for companies interested in these new trends.