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CP1200W with flexible ballast system and spacious operator’s platform with a fantastic view

The highly cost-efficient CP1200 is the smallest of Dynapac’s series of pneumatic tyre rollers. This machine shares many of the features that make Dynapac a strong and reliable partner for all kinds of jobs. Performance always comes first, and with our efforts in serviceability and ergonomics you can stay assured that efficiency and top quality results will last for the machine’s entire lifetime. The CP1200 is used for chip-sealing and to compact asphalt for sealing purposes, and to compact base, sub-base and stabilized soil. CP1200W has a large compaction width of 2080 mm.



Dynapac CP1200 has power reserves enough to ensure effortless and efficient finishing and sealing. Add to that the smooth start-stop procedure and you have a trusty working companion for long efficient passes. The power source is the reliable Cummins QSF2.8 Stage IIIB /Tier4Final with an output of 55kW which provides fuel efficiency and less noise to the operator.


The ergonomic designed F/R handle, located on the right side of the operator’s seat, makes operation smooth and easy. With full control of the engine power applied the surface quality and end result is maintained at top level. Perfect balance is provided by the flexible steel ballast system for easy weight adjustment improving performance in any job site. To achieve the same ground pressure on front and rear tyres, the ballast is distributed evenly, whether water, sand or steel is used.


A clear view and undisturbed operator control are important properties both from a quality and a safety viewpoint. In the CP1200 the operator station is slide and rotatable, and the ROPS/cab is placed not to obstruct the view. The operator can keep an eye on the finest details – and stay aware of movements close to the machine.


In the Dynapac CP1200, the operator’s unit feature a very user-friendly instrument panel. All indicators, switches and controls are clearly visible and easily reached. At Dynapac, we are convinced that efficient and profitable operation is directly connected to the quality of the operator’s environment. The CP1200 can be offered with Canopy, ROPS or Cab and also the rotating operator’s station allows operator to swivel control console from left side to right side for maximum operators comfort.


Protection of our environment and careful use of resources are keywords in all Dynapac development. We strive for reduced fuel consumption and emissions, and engines complying with Stage IIIB/Tier4Final are fitted as standard. Our machines allow the use of bio-degradable hydraulic fluids, and by cautious design we have reduced the risk of spillage.


Source: Dynapac; Fayat Group