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BYG launches its new line of buckets

BYG launches its new line of buckets
Anmopyc Europe
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BYG launches its new line of buckets


The optimal choice ensuring maximum quality and performance in excavation and loading


They are manufactured with the highest quality steel, HARDOX®.

BYG, a leader in the manufacturing of wear-resistant products such as teeth, adapters, and protectors designed for high performance in the most challenging tasks, is a member of the HARDOX® WEARPARTS network. BYG has taken quality to a higher level by including the distinctive "HARDOX® IN MY BODY" mark on all its products.

Steel Quality

The buckets are crafted from HARDOX® steel plates of varying thicknesses, adapting to any application to meet all customer needs. This HARDOX® steel comes directly from the prestigious Swedish steel plant.

Wear with BYG Guarantee

BYG is committed to excellence and durability. Each of its wear-resistant products is backed by a solid warranty covering defects or breakages. However, what truly stands out in BYG buckets compared to the competition is the unique integration of elements from the same company, including wear material (blades, teeth, adapters, and protectors from BYG and FUTURA) as well as the bucket itself. This extends the equipment's lifespan.

BYG's holistic approach solidifies its position as a market leader by offering integrated solutions that exceed durability and performance expectations.

Applied Engineering

BYG consistently implements the latest technologies in design and manufacturing, from design software to CAD/CAM machinery. Each manufacturing phase is overseen by an experienced engineering team.


Source: Anmopyc; BYG