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CEMA Baterías renews its brand identity

CEMA Baterías renews its brand identity
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CEMA Baterías renews its brand identity


The battery wholesaler, considered one of the most important companies in its sector at a national level, opens a new path with a renewed image that shows its international, friendly and professional side.


CEMA Baterías has renewed its corporate identity with the launch of a new logo that reflects all the idiosyncrasy of the company. In this sense, the company launches this new image also taking advantage of the news that already advanced a few months ago in reference to its new location through the construction of an industrial complex of 6000m2, right at the foot of the SE-30 and SE-40 ring roads and in one of the most vigorous industrial estates in Andalusia, located in Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville).

After almost 9 years since it was founded, CEMA Baterías has opted for a more modern look without losing its brand values, such as proximity, courage, drive and, above all, its more international aspect. Thus, the new logo includes a new, more natural green, in keeping with the company's qualities. It also includes a dark tone relative to black, which shows the company's professionalism.

This is a totally key commitment taking into account the numerous new features that CEMA Baterías has included for its customers in this last year 2022, among them, the launch of its own B2B platform, where customers can see the traceability of their order at all times.

The evolution of the company logo, together with the "International Batteries Company" emblem, slightly updated for the occasion, express the coherence and constancy of the company, which has been able to evolve over the years thanks to a solid DNA and a capacity for permanent innovation. Today, the company exports batteries to countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

"The rebranding exercise has been carried out to adapt the essence of CEMA Baterías to the new digital environments, with a more flexible typography, a versatile logo and a revision of the colour palette to provide a more serious and professional look. In short, it will help us to better convey the company's purpose," says Rafa Fernández, founder and CEO.

Source: Anmopyc; CEMA Baterías