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COMPAGNA broadcast seeder at the Commodity Classic

Maschio Gaspardo combined broadcast seeder COMPAGNA Series received a great deal of attention during the recent Commodity Classic Farm Show (Mar. 03rd-05th).


Cover crops are becoming popular and popular as conservation management practice to retain nutrients (e.g., nitrogen, phosphorus) in the field and improve water quality. One important decision is how to select a seeding method from the variety of options: over-seeding, broadcast seeding, aerial seeding, drilling and more.

Broadcast seeding is faster that other methods and helps extend the sowing window allowing more time to establish a better stand. As with over-seeding and aerial application, adequate soil moisture and good seed-soil contact are essential for good germination and quick establishment of the cover crops. Most cover crops will not perform well if broadcast on a compacted or crusted surface. Broadcasting cover crop with tillage tools, as power harrows, rotary tillers or speed-discs,  increases germination and leads to higher establishment rates than broadcast methods alone. The combination between tillage tools and broadcast seeder aids in the establishment of cover crops by sizing and mixing residue in one pass, preventing compaction and reducing erosion.

Maschio Gaspardo has the equipment to successfully sowing cover crops and maintain your soil healthy. The Gaspardo COMPAGNA attachment for Maschio speed discs (mod. Presto), power harrows (mod. Delfino, Drago and Dominator) and rotary tillers (mod. B, C and SC) offers a highly productive method for broadcast seeding cover crops with a tillage tool.

COMPAGNA is an easy-to-install attachment featuring 37, 57, 75 or 94-bushel hopper with adjustable outlets and seed agitator. The meter shaft is powered by the tillage unit rear roller in order to provide a compact design unit. With two different types of dosing rollers for small and large size seeds, COMPAGNA can place with accuracy high rates of cover crops and small grains such as oats, wheat, and barley.

Currently available with working widths of 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 feet, the COMPAGNA kit includes 3-cam gearbox and calibration tray.