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Outstanding performance due to the new 900 serie booms, with width of up to 42 meters and high operational capacity from 4.500 (CAMPO 44) to 6.600 litres (CAMPO 65). Maximum distribution uniformity is ensured by the new central unit that has been re-designed to absorb shocks and bumps from uneven soil. The bar is kept always free so it can react and reposition itself. The superior quality equipment provided as standard allows even basic models to benefit of a professional quality level, perfect for the requirements of large companies.

The single-nozzle control system (SELETRON) and ISOBUS technology are optional, enabling operators to take full advantage of the cutting-edge technology. They can be directly managed from the tractor monitor.

A matter of geometry

The framework has been expressly designed to ensure a robust and stable structure. The use of high-strength steel (DOMEX) results in a significant weight reduction, while aluminium tips provide a quicker and more reactive response and optimal solidity.

Increased safety

A twin wheel kit is also available to reduce excessive trampling and to ensure safer turns. CAMPO sprayers are also equipped with a standard pneumatic brake system, to ensure safe stopping even when the machine is fully loaded.