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PRIMO - Variable dose spreader

Enabling accurate fertilization, preventing overlapping and improving spreading efficiency: these are the goals of PRIMO, the variable dose spreader by MASCHIO GASPARDO, available in mechanical or electronic versions.


PRIMO is the variable dose spreader branded MASCHIO GASPARDO designed for a precise fertilization in order to avoid overlapping and waste, thus ensuring the best result possible.

The distribution system is the heart of the machine. It consists of a rotating head that drives the fertilizer towards the drop duct while an inner bearing keeps the rotation under control, thus preventing the fertlizer from being ruined. The correct quantity of fertilizer that has to be spreaded is controlled by the double shutter system: the first shutter regulates the amount of fertilizer to be distributed, while the second one opens and closes the drop duct to reduce leakage during manoeuvres. The drop hole features a special 3-lobed shape for more uniform distribution, which minimises the issue of the dose effect.

Furthermore, an adjustable boom enables the operator to bring forward or postpone the drop point of the fertilizer onto the disc, in accordance to the characteristics of the fertilizer itself.

PRIMO is also equipped with an electronic weighing system that allows the operator to constantly check the stock of remaining fertilizer inside the hopper. Up-to-date data are always at hand.

PRIMO is available in two versions:

  • PRIMO M – ML (mechanical): the hopper of this model can have different sizes, from 1.800 up to 3.100 liters. Thanks to two hydraulic cylinders, the distribution system is controlled directly from the tractor cab. A quick set-up of the fertilization is possible thanks to an adjustable fertilizer drop point.

  • PRIMO E (electronic): the electronic doser on the PRIMO E model features a three-stage dose weighing system and a loading cell with a capacity of up to 7,5 tonnes. The hopper has a capacity range from 1.800 to 3.100 liters.