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Earthmax SR 31, designed for the toughest jobs

The brand new Earthmax SR 31 makes its world debut in size 23.5 R 25. It is a highly specialized  radial tire engineered for loaders, dozers and articulated dumpers employed in loading and material handling operations, where extraordinary strength, resistance and stability are fundamental.

Like all tires of the large Earthmax lineup, Earthmax SR 31 features an All Steel structure, with multi-ply steel belts. This casing provides extraordinary strength and stability even under toughest operating conditions. In addition, the tread features a rigid block pattern providing maximum traction and stability even on muddy terrains.

Thanks to its particularly cut-and-heat resistant tread compound, the new Earthmax SR 31 has a long product life-cycle with less replacements. This turns into a competitive advantage and a reduced environmental impact. The radial casing structure provides reduced rolling resistance leading to better fuel economy and minor operating costs. Earthmax SR 31 features excellent maneuverability and best riding comfort – a great benefit for operators.

Strength, resistance, stability, traction, sustainability, savings and comfort are the key words for this BKT tire, which was engineered to face the toughest challenges.

Source: BKT Europe