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Strong agricultural tyres from BKT

Bohnenkamp is presenting products from its partner BKT at the Agritechnica


Osnabrück's Bohnenkamp AG will be presenting partner brand BKT’s highlights at the Agritechnica. In Germany, BKT agricultural tyres are available exclusively from Bohnenkamp. Founded in Mumbai in 1987, BALKRISHNA INDUSTRY LTD. (BKT) is, with four state-of-the-art production facilities and an in-house moulding production facility, today one of the world's leading manufacturers of off-road tyres.

Agrimax V-Flecto

Compared to a standard tyre, the BKT Agrimax V-Flecto’s VF technology offers a 40% higher load capacity at the same air pressure or respectively a similar load capacity with a 40% reduction in air pressure. The Agrimax V-Flecto is the first BKT tyre with NRO technology. This means that the tyre can be driven on a standard rim, in contrast to most conventional tyres with VF technology. The otherwise frequently required special rims can be dispensed with completely.

Agrimax Spargo

In the product range for vineyards and orchards, Agrimax Spargo is BKT’s top product. This tyre series, developed with VF technology, is capable of transporting heavy loads with reduced tyre pressure, limiting the negative effects of soil compaction. Outstanding traction, driving comfort and stability complete the features of this versatile tyre which can be used both on the field and on the road.

BKT Agrimax Force

With the BKT Agrimax Force, Bohnenkamp presents an extra-large tyre with IF technology for high-performance tractors from about 250 hp. Thanks to its IF technology, the tyre offers a 20% higher load capacity at constant air pressure or 20% lower air pressure with the same payload as with standard tyres. This means a maximum footprint for low ground pressure and at the same time the best possible traction.

BKT FL 693 M

The BKT FL 693 M is suitable for a variety of applications on the most diverse agricultural vehicles and trailers. It offers enormous carrying capacity and high transport performance thanks to its 65 km / h licensing (sometimes even 70 km / h). The FL 693 M’s modern directional tread ensures very good road characteristics. The tyre’s special tread significantly minimises rolling resistance on the road and offers perfect self-cleaning properties in field applications. 

Source: BKT; Bohnenkamp Group