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BKT SPACE, a new interactive center is born

Visitors entering BKT Space, inaugurated on 5 April 2019 at the Italian offices in Seregno, are greeted by a video of Arvind Poddar, Chairman and Managing Director of BKT: It is my pleasure to warmly welcome you to our BKT Space where traditional values and advanced technology merge into one dimension”.


Exploring the new space as well as discovering the BKT world are unique experiences and genuine journey, which perfectly matches the intention of the revolutionary BKT Space, conceived as a metaphorical and real journey through different themed rooms, letting visitors actively discover and experience the history, philosophy, values, products, challenges and even the future of BKT.

Interactive Tunnel – Stargate into the BKT world: where the journey to discover BKT begins. The company's history is showcased along this 7-meter-long tunnel full of digital tools for an in-depth analysis of BKT's trajectory from foundation to the present.

Tire World – a room all about the tires: this space houses an interactive touch wall dedicated to several BKT product applications where visitors can explore the various business areas through photos and videos, including agricultural, industrial and earthmoving sectors. The room also has an interactive table that seats up to 8 people and a section dedicated to the raw materials used in tire manufacturing, whose history and function in the compound can be viewed.

VR Space – virtual trip to Bhuj: four VR stations let visitors take four different routes to explore BKT's Bhuj plant (in the Indian state of Gujarat). Bhuj is renowned for prominently exemplifying a social factory, which houses not only the production but also the entire BKT employees’ community, including recreation centers, common areas, healthcare center, school and various services.

Sports Center – stadium seating: sport is the perfect vehicle for sharing the BKT values of teamwork, fair play and respect for the opponent. For this reason, BKT sponsors major sporting events all over the world. This room is a tribute to sports and simulates stadium stands, where visitors can sit and enjoy BKT sporting videos.

Game Space – where work becomes play: this section is equipped with video games and a simulator of specialised machinery equipped with BKT tires, where visitors can work... yet nice and easy.

Relax Lounge – a trip down memory lane: the company has never forgotten its roots and traditions and, while still looking ahead towards the future, it keeps very close ties with its past. This silent room honours this expansive connection in time and space. Without technology, the room is full of vibrant colours, tradition and representative cultural elements for an unexpected sensory experience.

BKT Space is surprising not only for being unequalled and showcasing the latest advances in technology, but also because of the great contrast between the forward-thinking themes in the initial rooms and the simple, pure and silent experience of the last lounge.

This contrast actually strikes a sound balance, bridging the past and future in a journey towards innovation that never forgets its origins.

Visualisation, immersion, exploration of the universe and entering a new dimension: all themes related to the journey, the same themes that visitors will discover as they trace the history of BKT.

Source: Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (BKT)