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ERGOPOWER for Diesel Forklifts

With the transmission series ERGOPOWER WG 131 – 311 and the torque converter WK 300 till WK 400. ZF presents a solution aligned to particular customer requests. These transmissions are offering efficient and easy handling. They are noise-optimized and offer high gear-shift quality ensuring customer-orientated service friendliness.


The ZF-ERGOPOWER transmissions WG 131 - WG 311 as well as the new powershift transmission WG 94 have been specially developed for most versatile applications in material handling with internal combustion engines. By optimum matching of transmission hardware and electronic control, the new ZF-ERGOPOWER units assure soft shift transitions in operation - a decisive criterion in practical applications. A new, particularly user-friendly feature of the latest, compact ZF transmissions is the electronic inching, a "creep function" which makes it easier for the driver to position loads with highest levels of accuracy.

Forklift trucks with internal combustion engines are real "all-rounders". In outdoor application, for example, they must be able to quickly transport extremely heavy loads over long distances, but they must also be able to precisely maneuver their load and set it down in the tightest of spaces. These widely varying functions make the highest demands on the driveline, in particular on the lift truck transmission: It must be designed for strong engines with a high input torque and gear shifts must take place under full load, without interrupting the tractive effort and without jerking. The transmissions must, however, not take up much space, because manufacturers who want to keep their products small and maneuverable are miserly with installation space. With ERGOPOWER and Powershift ZF is offering a complete range of lift truck transmissions which feature this variety of functions: Apart from high flexibility and compact design, the transmissions of this range which were specially conceived for lift trucks with internal combustion engines also have a highly developed electro-hydraulic control. Consequently, they are easy to operate and have finely graded gears. Manufacturers and users also appreciate the low operating costs and the customer-orientated service friendliness of for example lift trucks, RoRo-tractor, straddle carrier or reach-stacker -transmissions "Made in Passau“.

The new products of the ZF-ERGOPOWER Series extend over a wide range of input torques (from 950 Nm for the WG 131 to 2,750 Nm for the WG 311, respectively 750 Nm for the powershift-transmission WG 94.) They dispose of totally two to six forward and up to three reverse gears, which can be shifted manually or automatically and without interrupting the tractive force.

Efficiency Package

For improved efficiency and productivity ZF offers 5- or even 6- sped transmissions in addition to the standard 4- and 5- speed versions. ZF focuses on Direct Drive in order to improve fuel consumption, tractive effort, speed and productivity. Direct Drive is engaged in most driving conditions. The lock- up clutch is opened automatically only when really needed and therefore operator abuse is avoided.

Also available in the ZF-ERGOPOWER- and Powershift-Series: Electronic inching. By actuating an inch- or braking pedal the driver can reduce the speed during operation to maneuver in a "creeper gear" without himself having to declutch or shift gear. This enables loads to be positioned sensitively and accurately to the millimeter.

The expansion of functions to include electronic inching has become possible by the electro-hydraulic "ZF-ERGOCONTROL" which is also supplied by ZF and which ideally matches the functions of engine, converter and transmission. The CANbus-compatible transmission control unit has a diagnostic interface which simplifies service and maintenance. The controller software can be programmed not only specifically to the vehicle, but also according to the application, which makes the overall transmission package even more user-friendly.

The functional features of the new ZF-Ergopower-transmissions, providing convenience to both manufacturers and users, are a result of the integration of transmission, electronic controller and gear-shift system. They illustrate the capability of ZF as a system supplier.

Source: ZF Friedrichshafen AG