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Cool and Calculated Maneuvering: ZF Started Volume Production of ZF's TraXon DynamicPerform Transmissions

Almost wear-free maneuvering, down to the centimeter: With an oil-cooled multidisc clutch, TraXon DynamicPerform meets the highest demands when used in mobile cranes or construction site trucks.
ZF Friedrichshafen AG International
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Almost wear-free maneuvering, down to the centimeter: With an oil-cooled multidisc clutch, TraXon DynamicPerform meets the highest demands when used in mobile cranes or construction site trucks.


  • Volume production starting for ZF transmission, set to premiere in Liebherr mobile crane LTM 1110-5.2 this fall

  • Oil-cooled multidisc clutch permits almost wear-free maneuvering down to the centimeter

  • Further rollout planned for three to five-axle mobile crane models as well as construction site trucks

Volume production kicks off: In April, ZF began the volume production of the TraXon DynamicPerform, which will find its first application in the Liebherr mobile crane LTM 1110-5.2 this fall. The transmission's highlight is a new launch element whose multidisc clutch is cooled by an oil circuit. Thanks to this, mobile cranes, special vehicles and special applications up to 3,000 Nm will start and maneuver almost wear-free without overheating. Liebherr, a long-standing customer and development partner of ZF, is amazed at the performance and robustness of the new module.


After intensive testing, the latest generation of the ZF TraXon DynamicPerform transmission is now ready for volume production and subsequent application at Liebherr. ZF already started the production of the driveline technology in April. As of this fall, ZF's long-standing customer and development partner will be using DynamicPerform in its five-axle mobile crane LTM 1110-5.2. "Compared to the prototype, the TraXon DynamicPerform volume production version has once again made a quantum leap in terms of performance and reliability. Furthermore, the entire development process is yet another testimony of our perfect cooperation with Liebherr," says Ralf Boss, Head of the Special Vehicle Systems Product Line at ZF. "With the forthcoming volume production application at Liebherr, our new launch element will prove that it performs reliably and superbly even under the toughest conditions."

Oil-cooled: Better performance with less wear

With automatic transmissions for lighter special vehicles, it has long been a challenge to strike the optimal balance between good performance, economical fuel consumption, weight, and user-friendliness. Starting and maneuvering are especially demanding here: The increased friction load can wear the clutch lining and overheat the clutch. This leads to unnecessary downtimes and maintenance costs. The usual solutions for heavy vehicles with a weight of 60 tons or more – such as torque converters – are too heavy for this particular use case, not cost-effective or take up too much valuable installation space.

As a wet starting clutch, DynamicPerform solves this problem. Designed for lighter special vehicles with a weight of up to approx. 60 tons, a torque of 3,000 Nm and five axles, it transfers the engine output through the disks which are integrated in the module and cooled by the circulating oil. This prevents the clutch from overheating and therefore enables nearly wear-free maneuvering on a lasting basis even with high friction energy. As a result, the driveline's service life is significantly extended, downtimes are avoided, and maintenance costs are reduced. This also makes the job easier for the driver as the clutch can be controlled more easily. Steep hill starts will become more comfortable as well. "In terms of handling, a dry clutch is worlds apart from the new wet starting clutch," explains Josef Schick, Head of the Testing Department at Liebherr in Ehingen, summarizing the advantages of DynamicPerform.

Intensive testing, successful cooperation

The focus of the close cooperation between ZF and Liebherr was on further optimizing the cooling performance of the clutch module compared to the prototype. Among other things, the model for calculating the disk temperature has been refined. Vehicle tests in the cold chamber at temperatures as low as −40°C confirm that DynamicPerform now works very well even at extremely low temperatures.

It's not just mobile cranes that benefit from these advantages. TraXon DynamicPerform is also ideally suited for use in construction site trucks, dump trucks and more – because low-wear maneuvering makes a real difference in terms of comfort and operating costs in this segment as well.

Source: ZF Group