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Pronto NT

Extension of the HORSCH Pronto NT seed drill family

The Pronto NT is now also available in 6, 8 and 9 meter working widths.

With the well-proven TurboDisc double-disc coulter in combination with a compact preceding wavy disc, it is ideal for mulch and direct seeding. The row spacing is 20 cm. Operational speeds up to 20 km/h allow for a high area output even for smaller working widths. The wavy cutting discs cut organic material and cultivate the soil only in the seed rows. Thus, the horsepower requirement is very low.

Pronto NT


Especially after a shallow tillage pass the tool combination consisting of wavy cutting discs and the well-proven TurboDisc coulter has significant advantages. The soil is only cultivated where the seed will be placed. It creates fine earth in the seed horizon and opens the seed furrow. The large seed hopper (4,000 litres) guarantees low idle times. The weight that is necessary for the wavy discs and seed coulters is transferred via the sophisticated hydraulic system of the machine. In very hard conditions, additional weight, up to 1 400 kg, can be mounted on the frame. The double hopper version (5,000 litres) allows for applying seed and fertiliser at the same time. In addition, a micro-granular unit is available to apply another component. The micro-granular unit can be combined with double hopper as well as with the single hopper version. Thus, up to three components (seed, fertiliser, micro-granular compounds) can be metered in only one pass.

Source: HORSCH