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Terrano GX

HORSCH Terrano GX – A new universal cultivator – various configurations for all requirements

At the Agritechnica HORSCH will present the new Terrano GX. The working widths range from 4 to 6 metre. It will be available as a 3- or 4-bar version with a tine spacing between 28.5 and 31.5 cm and thus combines the requirements of the customers. The Terrano is equipped with the TerraGrip tines of the third generation. The spring is located smoothly in the frame and has a release force of 550 kg. The large and maintenance-free pivot points guarantee a long service life. The cultivator can be equipped with 4 cultivation point options from intensely mixing to merely loosening and thus can be used for any situation. The chassis of the Terrano GX is located behind the tine section, in front of the levelling tools. The chassis with large tyres is used for road transport as well as for turning on the headlands. The design characteristics of the chassis guarantees high ground clearance when lifted as well as a save pivoting of the tyres out of the working range when lowered. This guarantees optimum working quality in the field and high driving comfort on the road. To be able to make optimum use of the tractive output, the Terrano GX is equipped with a fully integrated tractive power amplifier that transfers weight to the rear axle of the tractor with 1,200 kg while working. It is activated by switching the control device for lifting and lowering to a de-pressurised position, without any additional control devices or cylinders.

With regard to levelling you can choose between levelling discs, that aggressively distribute the material in front of the packer and the tine levelers that spread the material and thus guarantee perfect levelling.

Terrano GX


The Terrano GX can be equipped with a single packer or with a double packer. 6 packer versions allow for meeting the individual requirements of each customer. For working in wet conditions or to cultivate the winter furrow a special wet/winter packer has been developed, that due to its small contact area prevents compaction and only controls the depth of the machine. The available single packers are the RingFlex packer and the SteelDisc packer. The double packers are the well-known double RollPack packer, the double RingFlex packer and new the SteelFlex combi-packer. It will be possible to equip the Terrano with a fertilizer kit for a targeted placement of fertiliser as well as with the well-proven MiniDrill to be used for catch crops and greening.

Explanation of the whole Terrano line:

With the introduction of the Terrano GX the Terrano line now consists of the GX, the all-round successful model Terrano FX with 3-point mounted, the Terrano MT with two rows of cultivation discs and two tine rows and the Terrano 10 and 12 FM for large working widths.

Source: HORSCH