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Serto 12 SC

HORSCH Serto 10/12 SC – A new seed drill for large farms

At the Agritechnica HORSCH presents the Serto SC – a compact seed drill with 10 and 12 metre working widths for large farms. Its characteristic features are an all-over tyre packer combined with a heavy double-disc seed coulter. Similar to the well-proven Pronto system two seed coulters run behind every tyre with a row spacing of 16.6 cm.

To guarantee an even placement, the Serto is equipped with a packer for levelling and consolidation.

The new HORSCH parallelogram coulter is ideal for difficult conditions and guarantees a safe seed placement even if the seedbed is rough. Due to its design and the large bearings, it is very stable and durable. The development was influenced by the experiences of the Maestro single grain technology.

Serto 12


The Serto has a hopper capacity of 6,000 litres partitioned in a ratio of 50:50. Thus, either 6,000 litre of seed or a combination of 3,000 litre of seed and 3,000 litres of fertiliser can be applied. For a third component a hopper with a capacity of 300 litres is available for micro-granular compounds.  Wavy discs in the area of the tractor tracks loosen the tracks effectively. The machine folds to a transport width of 3 m by simply pushing a button.

Due to the all-over packer the horsepower requirement is low also on light soils – this saves fuel. Due to the small seed hopper all components are easily accessible and the farmer has a perfect view of the machine and the field.

Source: HORSCH