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Flat – wide – strong: Two-axle low loader for the big jobs

The continuous development of large-volume or indivisible goods, such as agricultural machinery or building construction vehicles, requires innovative and intelligent transport solutions. Fliegl responded to this challenge with a low loader trailer which has a broad-gauge chassis with reinforced stabilisers. With the axle uncoupled, the trailer allows loading from the rear at almost ground level over the entire vehicle width.


The ride height can be selected flexibly for transporting loads that are wide, often extremely tall, and weigh tonnes: The height can be reduced from 400 to 250 millimetres simply by turning the sunk keys in the wheel recesses. The width is also variable: the loading surface can be extended to 3.30 metres in the wheel recess area. All this produces the necessary space for carrying combine harvesters, tractors, wheel loaders, tow trucks, slurry tanks, field sprayers - it can even carry lorries.

Through dialogue with experienced users, Fliegl has optimised this special vehicle, simplified the design, replaced materials, got rid of the superfluous and so optimised the payload. So the vehicle is also suitable for carrying large modern machinery. Harvesters, for example, are becoming larger and larger and heavier, but the permitted total weight of the trailer remains unchanged and must not be exceeded.

How it operates: before driving onto the loading platform, the parking brake is applied on the trailer. The driver then lowers the air suspension at the rear chassis. All supply lines to the rear chassis are shut off, the pneumatic pin locking mechanism is released and the rear chassis is swivelled to the side and pulled away. After the trailer is loaded, all the steps are repeated in the reverse order. The whole process depends on a failure-resistant mechanical system, and handling is logical and comfortable.

As standard, the new generation hot-galvanised low loader weighs 5200 kg and offers a load capacity of 14,800 kg. To secure the loads, there are 2 pairs of 5-tonne lashing rings, 4 pairs of 6-tonne lashing lugs on the side of the flat bed, and 5 5-tonne lashing lugs between the longitudinal members.

With this two-axle low loader trailer, Fliegl has given a sustainable response to particularly demanding transport requirements, which ensures flexibility and security of investment.

Source: Fliegl Fahrzeugbau GmbH