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Platform trailers: uniquely variable – universally configurable

Indispensable in the construction industry, ideal for gardening and landscaping: the tandem platform trailer is a universally applicable means of transportation and on display in the outdoor area at Fliegl Booth FN 721/9.


New: Fully revised design – even more advantages for the user; the next generation of TPS 118 tandem platform trailers is being presented for the first time at BAUMA 2019. The newly designed chassis has far greater ground clearance than before. In combination with the new integrated air reservoirs and cables routed in the drawbar, this makes the trailer suitable for use even in rough terrain. This applies in particular to the EBS system, which has now been mounted for optimum protection. This helps to prevent damage and the associated high repair costs.

Technical data: One highlight is the use of integrated air reservoirs. Fliegl completely does without the use of conventional air reservoirs to store compressed air for the brake system. Instead, the air is stored in hollow profiles which are already present in the vehicle as load-bearing elements. This reduces weight and increases ground clearance. The extremely robust suspension is ensured by means of a lowmaintenance tandem-rocker assembly. On the tandem trailers, too, the axles are calibrated by laser. This reduces the wear on tyres and chassis and minimises fuel costs. The bevelled frame ends reduce the loading height and, together with the ramps, ensure a very flat drive-up angle. This makes it easier to load machines with little ground clearance. The entire loading area is surrounded by side panels which are 400 mm high and can be simply dismantled together with the plug-in corner posts. If necessary, a plug-in rear panel can be used to close off the gap between the ramps.

The vehicle on display is shown with two of the many ramp versions available. With wood or as an interlocking steel rail ramp, the gas pressure jack allows problem-free one-man operation. And of course, this also applies to the lateral adjustment of the ramps.

Advantages: The superstructure has a sturdy steel chequer plate floor. The material used is high-strength and can withstand high point loads. Nevertheless, the vehicle has a comparatively low unladen weight – even with the comprehensive equipment displayed, the tandem trailer weighs only around 2,800 kg. With a platform length of 5,200 mm and a width of 2,480 mm, loading with europallets is no problem. The securing of loads is another strong point of the TPS 118. Five pairs of lashing eyes in the floor and two pairs of lashing eyes in the corners ensure that the load is held securely in position. And the necessary fastenings can be conveniently stowed away in the lockable toolbox. Safe loading even without a coupled towing vehicle is guaranteed by the easy-to-operate folding support at the rear. The trailer can be quickly and easily adjusted to different towing vehicles with the height-adjustable drawbar.

Options: Platform tandem trailers from Fliegl are suitable for a wide range of applications. Also known as low-floor trailers, these vehicles are all-rounders, thanks to a wide selection of equipment and options. Loading length and loading width – customers can configure the ideal vehicle for their needs. It goes without saying that this also applies to the loading ramps. A special feature: special machinery can be loaded with the use of up to three ramps. And if necessary, the load can be protected against the elements with a tarpaulin. A total weight of up to 30 t is possible with the tridem axle version.

Summary: Tandem platform trailers are indispensable in the main and secondary construction industry, in gardening and landscaping and for all companies that need trailers with maximum flexibility and a wide range of options. Permissible total weights from 8.9 t to 30 t – these low-floor trailers can be configured to match customer requirements. Sturdily built for use off-road, individually designed for the transportation of machinery and equipment – these are just a few of the advantages of the TPS series. Wide enough to accommodate pallets, abundant lashing options for loads, ramps and side panels to suit any requirements – hardly any other trailer type offers as many options as the tandem platform trailers from Fliegl. Stable rear supports allow loading and unloading without a towing vehicle attached, while the bevelled frame ends of the loading area ensure a very flat drive-up angle, which means easy loading of machines with very little ground clearance. With the TPS 118 tandem platform trailer, Fliegl has in its portfolio a trailer that scores points with a high payload, a wide range of options and a broad spectrum of applications.

Source: Fliegl Fahrzeugbau GmbH