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Unique inner width for a wide range of transport options: tandem low platform trailers from Fliegl

In the Freigelände Nord, at Booth FN 721/9, Fliegl presents one of the company’s ‘veteran’ products. The TTS, the first trailer developed by the company, has been in series production since 1991 – and the latest version is now on show at the BAUMA fair.


New: The loading area is manufactured in one piece – allowing the sensational inner width of 2,050 mm. In combination with the integrated air reservoirs and cable routing in the drawbar, use even in rough terrain is no problem. Thanks to its extremely high ground clearance, the TTS 100 is suitable for all construction site applications. Originally designed for a permissible total weight of 10,500 kg, the unladen weight has once again been reduced in this latest version. Construction machinery and special equipment weighing over 8,000 kg can now be transported. Thanks to the reinforced tracks, even the high point loads which often occur when transporting special machines are no threat to the service life of the tandem low platform trailer.

Technical data: One highlight is the use of integrated air reservoirs. Instead of conventional reservoirs to store air for the brake system, the necessary air is stored in hollow profiles which are already installed in the vehicle as supporting elements. This maximises ground clearance, reduces the unladen weight and increases the payload. The EBS electronic brake system is optimally protected. This helps to prevent damage and the associated high repair costs. A low-maintenance tandem-rocker assembly ensures extremely sturdy suspension. The axles of the tandem trailers, too, are calibrated by laser. This reduces wear and minimises fuel costs. The trailer can be easily loaded and unloaded via the ramps, which are laterally adjustable. A gas pressure spring assists the driver during closing. An easy-to-operate telescoping rear support guarantees safe loading even when no towing vehicle is coupled. Adjustment for different towing vehicles is quick and easy with the help of the height-adjustable drawbar.

The trailer has many features which ensure a long service life. For example, comprehensive protection against corrosion through hot-dip galvanising and the lack of air reservoirs. The large inner width of 2,050 mm and a platform length of 4,500 mm allow the transportation of a wide range of goods. The TTS is also excellently equipped when it comes to the securing of loads. Four pairs of lashing eyes in the loading floor and four pairs bolted to the side walls are supplemented by a load lock profile in the trough. Further lashing straps can be attached here. All these features provide an almost infinite variety of load-securing options – a further highlight of the TTS trailers from Fliegl.

Options: Tandem low platform trailers from Fliegl are suitable for a wide range of applications. Thanks to the extensive choice of equipment and options, these vehicles are suitable for universal use and indispensable for construction companies, local authorities and gardening and Even in the standard version, they have a drive-up angle of less than 15°. This angle can be reduced even further via a tilting loading area, allowing the loading of machines with very little ground clearance. A further special feature is the optional use of three loading ramps for problem-free loading of special machines. As one of only few manufacturers, Fliegl also offers the tandem low platform trailer with full air suspension. An exception in this weight class and a detail which reflects the company’s long-standing experience in designing and manufacturing these trailers.

Summary: Fliegl has been producing tandem low platform trailers in series since 1991. Ever since the development of its own first model, the company has continually updated it. The TTS on display at the trade fair has a unique loading area width of 2,050 mm and maximum ground clearance due to the integrated air reservoirs and protected routing of all cables. This makes the tandem trailer suitable for universal use. To ensure that it meets the requirements of local authorities, the demanding construction sector and machine rental companies alike, with the corresponding wide variety of loads involved, the trailer was designed and built with a wealth of user-oriented details.

For example, its low unladen weight of less than 2,400 kg. This allows the transportation of loads weighing more than 8,000 kg. Firmly installed 5 t lashing eyes and a load lock profile provide an almost infinite number of lashing points. Up to three gas-pressure-operated ramps which are laterally adjustable and available in a variety of designs, together with the telescoping rear supports, ensure safe loading – even without a towing vehicle attached. The TTS 100 is a tandem low platform trailer which is available in series production and scores points with its high payload, outstanding inner width and wide selection of options. In sum, it offers suitability for a wide range of applications and a long service life, even in heavy-duty use on construction sites.

Source: Fliegl Fahrzeugbau GmbH