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Fliegl DTL 300 Agrar

Fliegl DTL 300 Agrar
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Fliegl DTL 300 Agrar

The payload giant for agriculture

With the DTS 300 Greenlight, Fliegl Trailer has presented a sustainably designed low loader trailer which was well received by the building sector. For farmers and contractors, there is a modified version designed to meet the transport requirements placed on farm and forestry vehicles: The DTL 300 Greenlight Agrar is a payload giant with a 40 km/h licence.

The special construction of the steel chassis, which follows the principle of payload & sustainability, remains unchanged. The frame cross-members are mounted on floating bearings and made with double-T and box sections which are spaced at 280 to 400 mm. So the Greenlight low loader trailer has excellent torsion & bending resistance. Analogue to the DTS 300 Greenlight, the agricultural variant offers an impressive payload of 24.5 tonnes. It has an unladen weight of only about 5.3 tonnes.

DTL 300 Agrar


The equipment on the DTL 300 Greenlight Agrar meets the licensing guidelines up to 40 km/h. In comparison to the higher speed trailer, it was possible to dispense with some details such as side collision protection, lighting elements etc., which had a positive effect on the price. Fliegl has not skimped on the load securing equipment: The Greenlight Agrar has

  • 1 pair of 10-tonne lashing cutouts integrated in the side member

  • 7 pairs of 10-tonne lashing knobs recessed in the outer frame (on the cranked area, in the flatbed and in the tapered area at the rear)

  • 12 pairs of 5-tonne lashing holes for fastening lashing straps in the outer frame (on the cranked area, in the flatbed and in the tapered area at the rear)

The cranked area of this payload giant is covered with corrugated steel plate, and the flatbed, about 850 mm in height, has a 70 mm softwood floor. Special drying sheets between the wooden planks keep the plank spacing constant and ensure that the wood is allowed to dry. The laterally moveable drive-on ramps are 2800 mm long and 750 mm wide and can be handled conveniently with a spring jack support.

The DTL 300 Greenlight Agrar, Fliegl’s new three-axle low loader trailer, is an economical and durable utility vehicle for logistics tasks in agriculture. It represents the next step on Fliegl Trailer’s consistent route to sustainability.

Source: Fliegl Fahrzeugbau GmbH