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Fliegl F-CON*

Fliegl F-CON
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Fliegl F-CON

The optimum quick-coupling system for the future


Tractor and attachment or machines of the latest and future generations – every variation and combination of agricultural and municipal machinery and equipment has different requirements with regard to the necessary connections and the media required, such as data, air, water, oil etc., and their quantities. High-performance connection systems are more important than ever before. Digitalisation is increasingly commonplace and demands the highest level of flexibility on the part of users, producers and manufacturers.

Fliegl Fahrzeugbau has accepted the challenge and developed a completely new technology which can handle all these tasks.

F-CON is the name of this revolutionary system, which allows connection of all lines, non-interchangeably and without restrictions. No limitation on slots and no restricted compatibility between different system groups.

The Fliegl F-CON multi-function connector is the quick-coupling system of the future. Universally applicable, it accommodates a wide variety of lines and connects and disconnects them reliably.

Data, air, water, electricity, oil, light or high-voltage systems – the Fliegl F-CON is suitable for all these media. The F-CON ensures labour- and time-saving connection and disconnection of all corresponding lines linking the tractor and attachment or trailer. Lines for fertiliser or cleaning agents, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, water or even data lines – this system can be used to connect any media supply. Full connection is possible between all machines. F-CON is an open system, upwardly and downwardly compatible, and can be adjusted to old or unusual couplings or to future connections. Even chain connection between several attachments and vehicles is possible. The Fliegl F-CON is scalable, thus offering endless integration and combination options.

Despite such versatility, this is a “neat and tidy” system. F-CON is designed in a way that prevents “cable spaghetti”; all lines are connected in a centralised, clean and well-ordered manner.

The quick-coupling system is quickly and easily installed. Like all innovations from Fliegl, the Fliegl F-CON scores points with its uncomplicated and user-friendly handling.

The base station is mounted on the tractor. This is easily accomplished, even by inexperienced users, and can be done before hitching up the tractor and attachment or trailer. The supply lines can be connected or disconnected without the need to get between tractor and attachment – offering optimum ergonomic conditions for the driver. This ensures the highest level of work safety, always a top priority for Fliegl, and virtually excludes the risk of injury.


All connectors are attached to a carrier plate. The control unit is mounted on the attachment and linked to the base station using connectors. The system is purely mechanical (optionally automatic), operates independent of the weather conditions and is therefore absolutely low-wear. The system is sealed with a lever which locks the F-CON with minimum effort and simple kinematics. The locking lever is detachable and can be fitted directly on the coupling system itself or, for example, stored in the cab.

The most important side-effect? A major time saving for the user when coupling and uncoupling the tractor/combination. In other words, F-CON convinces not only with its universality, but above all with its efficiency. An investment that pays off.

Fliegl F-CON. The advantages at a glance:

  • Unique in a single system: connection of all media, including water, electricity, data.

  • Extremely time-saving and efficient.

  • Process and contact reliability: no possibility of interchanging the lines.

  • Absolute flexibility: the control unit on the trailer can be adjusted individually to the connections of the base station on the tractor vehicle, and vice versa.

  • Low-wear and a safe investment: Both the control unit and the base station are extremely durable and highly resistant to damage. The system can be transferred “old to new” when a new vehicle is purchased.

  • The Fliegl F-CON can also be used without the control unit.

  • Independent of weather conditions.

  • No downtimes caused by pinched lines.

  • F-CON is an open system - the standard lines can be connected without restrictions even without the F-CON.

  • Simple adjustment to the latest technological state of the art.

  • No need for the driver to work between tractor and attachment when connecting or disconnecting supply lines.

  • The risk of injury is virtually reduced to zero.

  • Variable attachment of the locking lever. Tamper-proof.

F-CON is the revolutionary system from Fliegl Fahrzeugbau which offers greater flexibility, speed and convenience when connecting a tractor vehicle to an attachment or trailer.

Source: Fliegl Fahrzeugbau GmbH