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FRUTIGER at BAUMA 2013 - Hall B3, Booth 129/230 World innovators in two product divisions!

FRUTIGER Company AG will be present at the forthcoming BAUMA 2013 in Munich for the 14th time.  World premiers will be presented under our corporate slogan “Power in Tigers and Whales” in the two product areas Wheel Washing Systems and Scrapedozers.

Dirty public roads are tolerated less and less by the legislator and the public. For many years Wheel Washing Systems from the company FRUTIGER under the brand name ”MobyDick” are working in many operations worldwide.  Whenever contaminated trucks from construction sites, landfills, extraction, industrial and recycling companies are driving directly to the public road, the Wheel Washing Systems MobyDick are preventing dangerous contamination from getting onto the roads and highways.  At the forthcoming BAUMA, FRUTIGER will be presenting several models from their large range of systems. 
The MobyDick ConLine range was especially designed for the construction industry.  The exhibited ConLine 400 Kit Mobile can be installed without any complex construction works on a flat surface and could be working in a very short time.  Based on the proven MobyDick technology with a rugged design and effective water recycling, the ConLine range also includes a modular system.
‘Modular’ stands not for the individual parts of the model, but for the simple conversion from one system to another.  This flexibility is a great advantage for the construction industry.  For example it is possible to buy an in-ground model for the first application on a construction site for four months.  If it’s necessary to have a Wheel Washing System for another construction project of maybe only three weeks, an in-ground installation is not worthwhile. No problem, equipped with ramps the same machine is ready for mobile on-ground operation in a very short time. Maybe afterwards there is a need for a Wheel Washing System in an in-house gravel pit. The same model can simply be extended with a scraper conveyor for a completely automatic operation.  Following the launch of the ConLine System at BAUMA 2010, the model became a standard for the worldwide construction industry.  Since the launch more than 300 ConLine Wheel Washing Installations are operating successfully.
From the Tailor Made (TM) model line a MobyDick Quick Wheel Washing System will be presented.  This proven and durable base model was improved in the last 3 years with further options and equipment.  Therefore, this line is ideal for global projects, where the problems vary and are different.  Due to the wide choice of proven solutions MobyDick is the perfect partner wherever a tailor made solution is necessary. 
As a world first, FRUTIGER will show a MobyDick Demucking System. This innovative wash system cleans construction machines from the construction and mining industry of coarse dirt before repair and maintenance.  The washing technique is similar to a Wheel Washing System therefore FRUTIGER can call on decades of washing experience.
With BAUMA 2013, FRUTIGER also completes the development of a new Scrapedozer generation. Following the presentation of the T-18 TIGER with a bucket capacity of 18 m3 at the last BAUMA 2010, the T-12 TIGER is now available.  This model with a bowl capacity of 12m3 will replace the SR 2000 which is still in use today.  Along with the appreciated benefits of SR 2000, including the low ground pressure, agility and a similar weight distribution, the new T-12 TIGER is also equipped with all the technologies that have been developed for the T-18 TIGER.
Therefore the two new models complement one another. The big T-18 is ideal for large construction sites with good ground and scraping conditions. The smaller T-12 is perfect to work on soft ground and in narrow spaces.  For earthmoving projects between distances from 50 to 500 meters, the operation with a Scrapedozer should always be checked although in many cases the use of a Scrapedozer is cheaper than all the other methods.
For single projects Scrapedozers can also be rented at any time.  FRUTIGER aims to improve market coverage of rental machines and works therefore together with reliable partners.  While FRUTIGER continues to improve the sales and service support, the customers of FRUTIGER continue to increase their rental fleet. 

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