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FRUTIGER at Bauma 2013 - Hall B3, Booth 129/230 MobyDick OS: World Innovation

FRUTIGER presents the new MobyDick OS Systemat Bauma which was especially designed for heavy operation in the Oilsand mining area of Canada.  

The purpose of a Demucking System is different from a wheel washing system as focus is not on the streets outside.  With this Innovation it’s about cleaning construction vehicles after operation from very sticky dirt to carry out repair and service work.  The MobyDick OS combines high and low pressure wash technique.  The first wash cycle is an under the body of the vehicles rotating wash cart with water nozzles that wash the heavy stubborn and sticky Oilsand off the vehicles chassis.  In the second washing cycle the sides of the vehicles are washed, while at the same time the already accumulated dirt with much water and low pressure is washed into a scraper conveyor channel were it will be discharged.  The nozzle arrangement and the pressure conditions are flexible.  Three different wash programs can be programmed and saved. The OS System handles three types of soiling, light, heavy and extreme.  A complete washing process takes five to twelve minutes, depending on the program selected.
The newly developed washing technique is also suitable for applications in other industries. Wherever the low pressure, as used in the tire wash, is not sufficient to wash off strong stubborn and sticky dirt, the combination of high-and low-pressure brings excellent results.
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Source: FRUTIGER Company AG