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High-pressure gas pipeline constructed for Ritter Sport

For this purpose, a higher connection line to the gas supply was necessary. The energy provider Netze-BW was no longer able to meet the demand using the medium-pressure network, so a connection to the 16-bar network had to be constructed.


In November 2014, Netze-BW GmbH (a subsidiary of EnBW) commissioned the network construction department of Josef Rädlinger Ingenieurbau GmbH with the turnkey construction of the HP connection line.

The route of approximately 650 metres in length was first prepared and the trench created, as was the start and end pit for wash boring. Subsequently, the high-pressure gas pipeline DN 100, DP 16, including buoyancy controls on the steel pipe and wash boring to 30 metres below the road, was constructed. After a successful pressure test, the line was integrated into the pipe network from the gas pressure control unit. For the gas pressure control unit, a base plate and exterior system were installed around the station. Finally, the construction of a rural road with a gravel surface was performed as a roof profile, as well as asphalt work around the route itself.

Since the route for the new gas pipeline runs partly through a conservation area and through sensitive water protection zones, the authorities' high level of requirements and challenges such as the high water table had to be taken into consideration when digging the trench and in preparing the working strip in the protected area and in the installation of buoyancy controls.

The Netzbau team effected all the work within the planned construction time, such that after about two months of construction, the new and certified connection line could be integrated into the existing 16-bar network.

Source: Rädlinger Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH