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Combined expertise on B15n construction sites

Three construction projects, three different services – on the new B15 road, Rädlinger is currently carrying out three different projects. All are related to the construction of the section of the motorway like main road between Ergoldsbach and the link road to the A92 in Essenbach, and are as such preparatory projects.


In March, the network construction department started the temporary and final re-laying of the existing cables along the A92, as far as the junction with the new B15. In April, Rädlinger's civil engineering division started to build a wastewater pressure main in Ohu in Essenbach, whilst the Rädlinger construction division was contracted to build several access roads. The three projects will be completed in June or July.

• Re-laying of existing cable systems

Rädlinger, through its network construction division, is working for the South Bavarian motorways authority for the first time. The competent engineering office, Geotex, has already acknowledged the very good work the team has done. "Rädlinger's highly experienced staff has to date undertaken work in this very complex area which is of very good quality, professional and on schedule." Along the A92, Josef Rädlinger Ingenieurbau GmbH's network construction division has exposed and re-routed an existing line telecommunication cable, including the new installation of cable ducts. The challenge for the team is the re-routing of a sensitive, 42-twisted-pair, paper-insulated telecommunication cable, including the excavation works necessary for this right in the A92 danger zone, without impeding the flow of traffic. Crossings underneath the A92 and a county road are therefore being carried out using the ramming method. More than half of the cable route to be re-laid is temporary in nature. A total of about 1750 metres of telecommunication cables are to be excavated, 1100 metres thereof re-laid and the remaining 650m taken away. In addition, the contract includes the production of a temporary, partially elevated fibre-optic cable conduit system, for which the existing cables will likewise be excavated and rerouted. Around 7200 metres of fibre-optic cables will be fed into the cable ducts.

• Construction of a wastewater pressure main

Between the A92 and the mill stream in Ohu, Josef Rädlinger's civil engineering division is currently constructing a PE DN 400 wastewater pressure main, 750m in length. It will drain part of the A92 and the Ohu groundwater basin. Parallel to this, an entrained line is being laid, and will be used for dewatering during construction and will act as a reserve pipe. Both lines cross a railway track, where three 30m "jack and bores" will be executed. In the course of the work, five cable ducts and one precast concrete structure will be installed and approximately 3.4km of DN 110 and DN 50 cable ducts laid.

• Building of access roads

When the construction of the new B15 at the Ergoldsbach - Essenbach section (A92) begins, numerous construction vehicles will be using the access roads. The contract for the 9.5 kilometres of access roads and a 50m-long crossing was awarded to Josef Rädlinger construction division. Due to the more extensive transportation which will occur at a later date, particularly high demands are placed on the stability of the access roads. Depending on the ground conditions, this is achieved by a qualified soil improvement process, using either a lime-cement mixture or a combination of geotextile and double quantity of gravel. As there is no suitable gravel works in the vicinity of the site, the material has to be delivered from a great distance, involving significant logistical effort, and one which affects the work schedule. The peaty soil and difficult groundwater conditions also result in additional precautions with regard to the crossing. Thus efficient drainage and sheet pile walls are required for securing the trench.

Source: Rädlinger Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH