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Kangu 220

A flail mower on a pantograph


A flail mower on a Kangu 220 pantograph from SaMASZ - now you’ll cut even more! The Kangu series of mowers is designed for comfortable and effective work in green areas, and for clearing slopes, ditches, and roadsides.

The new SaMASZ Kangu 220 model provides even-greater working width, which translates into increased productivity.

Thanks to the pantograph, the Kangu 220 has a wide horizontal-operation range, which makes it easy to avoid obstacles without having to change the tractor’s path. The modern design of the mowers enables them to be connected to the side or the rear of the tractor.

In addition, the Kangu has convenient, adjustable, hook bolts, which facilitate connecting the mower to different types of tractors. The machine is also equipped with a mechanical safety device protecting the mower from damage.

The flails are arranged spirally, with a double overlap and the consequent shaft-cleaning function. The Kangu 220 on a pantograph is an excellent and efficient device which is perfect for both commercial and municipal uses.

Source: SaMASZ Sp. z o.o.