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NANO 150 Hydro

Front-flail mower for small garden tractors


SaMASZ is consistently committed to the development of its product range, and also remembers about other commercial vehicles which can be effectively used for terrain maintenance. The new NANO 150 Hydro flail mower is designed to work with small loaders.

The suspension of the NANO 150 Hydro mower has an innovative design based on suspension arms mounted on polyurethane sleeves. The mower’s swing fastener has been specially developed to work with the front loader, allowing a very-large range of ground-terrain following on 3 planes, which facilitates the efficient and safe mowing of even the most-uneven surfaces. The machine is attached to a vehicle using a specially selected frame with a wide range of fastener frames. Moreover, the mower is equipped with cut-proof foam wheels which are adjusted by disc spacers. They help to follow the ground, and their special filling ensures a long lifespan.

The NANO 150 Hydro, similarly to other SaMASZ mowers, has powerful flails arranged spirally with a double overlap, and the consequent shaft-cleaning function.

This machine is a very-interesting proposition for the owners of front loaders. The NANO 150 Hydro mower greatly increases the use and functionality of such vehicles.

Source: SaMASZ Sp. z o.o.