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JUMP 280

A single-blade heavy snow plough


This 530-kg plough ensures firm pressure on the road surface, ensuring efficient snow removal. Therefore, the JUMP 280 is designed to remove large amounts of snow in urban and rural areas, regardless of the degree of snow hardness.

It has a working width of 2800 mm and a shield height of 1070 mm, and can be mounted onto 80- 60 KM tractors, as well as onto loaders and municipal cleaning vehicles.

The unique shield mechanism, and the maintaining of a high cutting angle in the three-segment blade (from 35°) ensures precise adaptation to the road profile. The perfect adaptation of the plough to the terrain also results from the transverse ground-following of the frame within the range of ± 5°, and the floating function (ca. 40 mm). This makes the JUMP 280 suitable for any type of surface. Additionally, the spring-mounted blade, the removable screws on the frame, and the pressure protection on the actuator, effectively protect the machine from being overloaded. The shield is made of plastic, which facilitates snow-clearing, and is corrosion-resistant. Its right-and- left turning angle of 45° guarantees high efficiency in clearing the snow.

Another advantage of the plough is its ease of use and durability. It is also possible to install support wheels and sliding skids, which further reduce the pressure on the ground and extend the lifespan of the machine. The side buffers protect the body from accidental damage. The plough does not require lubrication, thanks to the use of sliding bushings in the joints.

It is possible to use a variety of blades: standard rubber, HARDOX, POLYURETHANE, and Mutter (Kuper).

Source: SaMASZ Sp. z o.o.