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LECTURA is stepping into a new chapter: Interview with Petr Thiel, CEO

LECTURA GmbH International
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LECTURA recently embraced a new corporate identity. To find out how and, most importantly, why it happened, we asked its CEO, Petr Thiel, to explain in detail what lies behind the decision to rebrand the company and how did the Marketing team handle the challenging mission of creating a new corporate image that would reflect the great progress that has been achieved over the past 5 years.


What is the story behind the foundation of the LECTURA? What was the goal when it was founded and how did that goal change in time?

Petr Thiel: LECTURA has been founded with the vision of delivering a price orientation for used construction machinery inspired by similar products in the automotive industry. Since then LECTURA has extended its portfolio of equipment data from construction over material handling to agricultural and transportation vehicles. At the same time we have built new portals and services that are not only focused on used machinery, but also distributing industry and technology information to more than 1 million professionals every month.

What makes LECTURA unique compared to other companies in the industry?

Petr Thiel: LECTURA´s global coverage, wide range of equipment types and related services around equipment data and taxonomy is making the company truly unique. Although we started as a company with the focus on residual values, we turned “boring” data tables from a printed book into a 360° view of the equipment industry. By enriching data with additional materials, extending to editorial content and learning about the digital world, we managed to get information from a few thousands to currently millions of professionals around the world. LECTURA´s strength is to connect and combine in a very unique way.

What was the reason behind the decision to rebrand the company? To what extent did your clients’ feedback influence this decision?

Petr Thiel: LECTURA went through a major transformation over the last 5 years. We have boosted processes and technology, and built an incredible know how in the digital world as well as a product & service portfolio. One could say that we not only grew, but also “grew up” in a very short period of time. This overall sophistication deserves an upgrade in brand and brand communication. We want our customers to understand that there is a completely new LECTURA, that still keeps its original values of a family company and will continue to do so, but that from now on will bring even more value to the market by offering services based on the latest technology, but with an unique human touch.

What has changed and what will be visible and touchable for LECTURA's clients?

Petr Thiel: The task for the Marketing team was to come up with updated brand strategy according to the newest company development, followed by visual communication that has, quite frankly, become a bit obsolete and didn't align with the desired brand position. Our new brand claim “Boosting equipment insights” reflects all aspects of our mission that we put ahead of us. It means that we want to be the clients' facilitator in the equipment industry to turn their data into value through providing a unique complexity of track record proven solutions, professional consulting services and measurable promotional tools. Further on the evolution of the logo, which we are all excited about :-), is a combination of the letter L, depicting heavy engineering, working with data and representing design precision. Last but not least, by using a bold color palette, sharp and distinctive shapes, clean and crisp typography, the visual system reflects a high level of self-confidence and LECTURA's strong and distinctive position in the machinery market.

Who are the members of LECTURA’s team and how important was their contribution in the company’s evolution?

Petr Thiel: We are extremely blessed with a fantastic team that is living our values and made the transformation possible through their unmatched dedication. It would probably take too long to point out every contribution, although it would have been well deserved, so I will mention shortly at least the teams.

Tomas and the data team with Monika, Jan and Miro are doing an excellent job in data quality and calculation.

Cherno structured our IT activities with the team of Petr, Ondra, Alex and Franta, including internal and external projects to run as a clockwork. 

Patrik and his team including Florentina, Pavla and Helena brought our content and news activities to a whole new level.

Darja, supported by Filip, brought a new dimension with market intelligence and research to LECTURA. Chris has been doing an amazing job by creating discussions and cooperations with start-ups, the financial world and presenting LECTURA at various conferences. With Petra and Bea we have the most experienced LECTURA team members who have been supporting the company from the early days. Last but not least, Dita is the person to make it all work: over the years she proved that she is the only person in the world to master juggling with an infinite number of projects. 

In 2022, we have Martin (Head of Marketing) and Jörg (Head of Sales) - two extremely experienced directors to boost LECTURA to the level where it belongs.

Last but not least I would like to mention the leadership and effort of Ivana Thiel, who has led the company for 2 decades and it is her individual achievement that LECTURA became what it is today.

What other important changes should LECTURA’s clients expect in the near future?

Petr Thiel: We have very ambitious plans to come in the next months and years. More data services, more automation, more AI and even more Global coverage and traffic. We have grown about 100% in traffic year over year and this is something that we plan to continue. In a nutshell I can say that we will build more customer centric services that will allow them to focus on their daily business and master the digital and data world with LECTURA.

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