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Portable compressed air with battery power

Battery-operated e-power: The M50B study opens the door to the future of portable compressors.
Kaeser Kompressoren Europe
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Battery-operated e-power: The M50B study opens the door to the future of portable compressors.


  • Kaeser Kompressoren introduces a study of a battery-operated portable compressor, the M50B, at INTERMAT, showcasing its cable-free e-power capabilities.

  • The M50B features a 300-kilogram battery, designed to support a typical working day's power needs for a compressor of its size (5.2 m³/min or 185 cfm) with adjustable working pressure between 6 and 14 bar.

  • This initiative aims to explore the feasibility and customer interest in battery-powered compressors for construction sites, including potential applications and desired battery power levels.

  • Kaeser is seeking feedback from industry users to shape the future development of portable compressors, considering both fully electric and hybrid solutions.

  • The M50B study is available for viewing at INTERMAT in Hall 6, Stand H049, inviting further discussion on the topic of electrification in construction equipment.

A battery instead of a cable? In the context of the ongoing, general electrification of drives, the question arises whether a battery-operated system would make sense when it comes to portable compressors on construction sites, and if so, what such a machine might look like. At INTERMAT, Kaeser Kompressoren will be presenting a study of a portable compressor that will provide the answers to these questions and promote further discussion of this topic.


From the outside, the battery-operated M50B looks like an ordinary portable compressor, but on the inside it differs significantly. Here, a 300-kilogram battery allows the system to run cable-free on e-power. The machine is based on the most prevalent worldwide compressor size of 5.2 m³/min (185 cfm); working pressure can be set between 6 and 14 bar. The battery has been designed to provide sufficient power to cover a typical working day for a compressor of this capacity. The guide values for this calculation were derived from the M50B’s sister models equipped with Telematics, powered by a diesel engine and operated worldwide.

In conducting this study, Kaeser wished to introduce prospective users to the potential option of cable-free e-power and, at the same time, investigate the need and customer requirements of the industry in this regard. Where might users imagine operating a battery-powered system, and to which applications would it be suited? What level of battery power would be desirable, and/or would a hybrid solution make sense? With the answers to these questions, operators can take part in actively shaping the future of portable compressors.

The study can be viewed at INTERMAT, in Hall 6, Stand H049.

Battery-operated e-power: The M50B study opens the door to the future of portable compressors.<br>IMAGE SOURCE: KAESER KOMPRESSOREN SE