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For all excavator enthusiasts – the latest issue of Tilt & Rotate is out now!

For all excavator enthusiasts – the latest issue of Tilt & Rotate is out now!
Engcon Europe, America
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For all excavator enthusiasts – the latest issue of Tilt & Rotate is out now!


  • The latest issue of Tilt & Rotate magazine features new engcon products including the PC9500 ground compactor for 19-33 tonne excavators and an improved S60 quick coupler.

  • Exclusive interviews within the magazine highlight how engcon's products enhance efficiency and profitability for end users.

  • engcon continues its partnership with the CE Dealer Team in the electrified FIA World Rallycross Series, celebrating a successful collaboration and a second-place win in the previous year's championship.

  • Editor Viktoria Winberg expresses enthusiasm for the new issue, aiming to inspire and inform engcon and excavator enthusiasts.

Tilt & Rotate is the engcon magazine that brings you in-depth insights, exclusive interviews, up-to-date information on the excavator industry and the latest innovations from engcon.


In our latest issue you can get up to speed on our exciting new products, for example the PC9500 ground compactor in a new size suitable for excavators in the 19-33 tonne weight range. Plus a new and enhanced S60 quick coupler, more durable, with a hoseless design and improved flow for EC-Oil.

We also have exclusive interviews with our end customers who tell us how engcon products help them dig smarter and more efficiently to be able to earn more.

engcon's successful collaboration in the electrified FIA World Rallycross Series with CE Dealer Team is now entering its third year. As an exclusive partner, in this issue of Tilt & Rotate we get to follow the team behind the scenes. Last year, their efforts resulted in a second place in the World Championship for electric rallycross. We are keeping our fingers crossed for success this year too!

– We are delighted to be able to offer our readers this new issue of Tilt & Rotate. We are convinced that the news and information will be an inspiration to everyone who shares our interest in engcon and excavators, says Viktoria Winberg, editor at Tilt & Rotate.

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