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New at Bohnenkamp: ONYX tyres for light trucks and vans

Osnabrück tyre manufacturer takes up all season and winter tyres in the product portfolio


The Bohnenkamp Group is expanding its truck & transport product range and will start selling high-quality light truck and transporter tyres from the brand ONYX beginning this autumn. A product portfolio of 25 sizes and designs will be offered. This means that around 90 percent of all standard vans and light trucks, such as the T5, T6 and Ducato can be equipped.

After a one-year test phase under the toughest snow, ice and cold temperature conditions in Switzerland, the tyres are available in all-season and winter versions for the winter season. Testing in everyday use has shown that the tyres impress through durability and good traction, even under the toughest of conditions. This has been confirmed on the one hand by the 3 PMSF label, but also by the experience of our customers in Switzerland.

With its extremely balanced price/performance ratio, the ONYX tyre positions itself in the tyre trade’s non-premium segment and generates real added value for local retailers. Produced by a well-known Asian manufacturer, the tyres are distributed throughout the Bohnenkamp Group’s entire sales area, whether as tyres or wheel mounted on original OE steel rims from Mefro, and together with the usual strong Bohnenkamp service.


Source: Bohnenkamp Group