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Specialist in the wheel sector is expanding its range

New: Individual wheels, assembly machines and complete accessories from a single source from Bohnenkamp


For Bohnenkamp, more performance means offering the right product at the right time with the best service. This is also and in particular true for complete wheels. In recent years, Bohnenkamp has significantly expanded its range of wheels as well as its service and supplementary products.

Special solutions with know-how and experience

Bohnenkamp has been assembling complete wheels for over 30 years. Today they assemble up to 1,000 wheels daily, from small 5-inch variants to gigantic 54-inch wheels. Many versions are special solutions and customised to the consumer’s individual requirements. In order to find a perfect solution for the customer, the Bohnenkamp specialists can draw on their extensive detailed knowledge of profiles and machines as well as on a detailed database containing technical information on almost all vehicles and specifications. Over the years, our know-how has grown tyre by tyre in parallel with the technical developments in the machine market. To prepare advance quotations and to implement sophisticated special solutions with the highest precision and quality is a service that our customers can expect from us at any time today" explains Heiko Holthaus, Business Unit Manager for Agriculture.

Complete range from valve to assembly machine

For wheel assembly, the tyre specialist from Osnabrück uses the assembly machines of the Italian manufacturer SICE. Based on many years of positive experience with the machines, Bohnenkamp now also exclusively offers the top brand to its customers. The largest assembly machine currently on offer is the fully hydraulically controlled SICE S 60. It is suitable for tyre diameters up to 3,000 mm and wheel widths up to 1,800 mm. "Depending on the tyre size, an employee using the machine needs around 15 minutes to assemble a tyre. It takes well over an hour by hand with two people”, explains Dirk Lewandowsky, Bohnenkamp lecturer for the assembly training courses. But Bohnenkamp also offers solutions for smaller dimensions, such as the S 560, on which wheels weighing up to 1,700 kg can be assembled.

The range of machines is supplemented by the necessary assembly accessories, from the inflation aid and tyre lever, to the torque plug nipple and bead holder to the tyre mounting paste with special brush and much more. However, not only can customers buy the machines and the necessary accessories from Bohnenkamp, they also have the opportunity to learn the professional know-how at the Bohnenkamp Training Center that the assembly specialists have acquired over many years of working with the machines.

Bohnenkamp Training Center: Training for professional assembly

Black, big, heavy and technically more and more demanding - the development in the field of agricultural tyres is constantly progressing. It is a development that also poses new challenges for workshops, and above all for fitters. For example, ultra-modern IF/VF tyres require the utmost care during assembly and new, larger tyres demand special knowledge. In order to provide the best possible support for workshops and fitters, the Bohnenkamp Training Center also offers training courses on agricultural tyre mounting. Across two-day events, the theoretical and practical know-how necessary for the error-free assembly of modern agricultural tyres will be imparted. For 2020, assembly training courses are currently planned in Osnabrück from 05 to 06 February 2020 and 30 September to 01 October 2020.

Source: Bohnenkamp AG