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New telescopic mowers / hedge cutters from KUHN PRO-LONGER GII e-TPA

Electronic innovations for more effective cutting and mowing! 


Launched in 2014, the PRO-LONGER GII TP range of telescopic mowers and hedge cutters have been a great hit with professionals specialising in the maintenance of roadside spaces. The range consists of two models: a 6.1 metre horizontal telescopic model, and a 7.4 m version. These cutting machines boast numerous features which have made them very popular with users, appreciated for their ease-of- use as well as their technical performance: the EP4 control joystick, the quick-install STABI-LINK chassis, the oversized cooling system and the patented cutting head drive system with its train of sprockets.

In 2017, the PRO-LONGER GII e-TPA will become the latest addition to Kuhn´s range of telescopic models. These new machines feature electronically-controlled parallelogram kinematic technology.

The technology works by using the arm´s hydraulic cylinders, while also feeding information to the electronic control system to make use of the automated functions.

These automated functions ensure that the cutting head remains set at the same angle throughout the cutting operation, even as the hydraulic arm is extended or retracted. This means that one action on the control panel is all it takes to reposition the arm and adjust the cutting head accordingly: precise and easy to use! When trimming hedges vertically or horizontally, the parallel movements of the cutting head guarantee quality results and unbeatable speed.

Source: KUHN S.A.